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When did the news break that Bush had been arrested in 1976 and convicted of a DUI?
The Thursday before the election
What was the result of the news leaking to the media that Bush had been arrested in 1976 and convicted of a DUI?
Kept 4 million Evvangelicals at home on election day
What was the primary indicator of voting behavior?
Individals levels of relgious commitment and activity
What became yardsticks to measure candidates values and personal faith?
Social Issues
What also became issues in the campaign?
personal faith and potential impact on governing
what emerged as the most important issue of the election?
moral values
what was the best predictor of candiadate choice?
church attendance
what group turned out in record numbers to vote?
how many americans indicated they wanted a pres to have strong religious beliefs?
before what year there was no religious gap
during whos 2nd term the religiuos gap widened b/n the aprties
republicans believe a pres should be guided by his what when making policy decisions?
what do universalists believe?
that all the great religions in the world are equally true and good
what do particularists believe?
are religions are not equal
bush voters were twice as likely than kerry voters to believe that goverment should support what?
traditional values
who did bush identify as his favorite political philosopher or thinker?
Jesus Christ
kerrys religion
kerry was the first catholic to run for president since who?
kerry tried to demonstrate he wasnt too what to be president?
since 1960 those attending mass regularly have increasingly called themselves ?____________and identified themselves as ?______________________
republicans, conservatives
what became organizing machines for the republicans?
white evangelical southern churhces
what became organizing machines for the democrats?
labor unions
pastors started comparing the campaign on what five issues?
1. abortion
2. fetal stem cell research
3. same sex marriage
4. human cloning
5. euthanasia
what positions of Kerrys were in direct opposition to the church?
abortion and stem cell
was bush the first republican to garner a majority of catholic support?
what types of churches did kerry spend time in?
black churches
who did kerry loose support with and why?
black conservative christians
did kerry oppose gay marriage?
whree did references about faith and the role of religion occur?
at the repub convention and in the two debates
true or false - several primetime speakers at the repub convention directly addressed issues of faith and personal morality of bush