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Virginia Plan -1787
Proposed by Randolph and Madison; Provided Congressional representation for states on the basis of population
New Jersey Plan - 1787
Proposed by Patterson, provided equal Congressional representation for each state
Great Compromise - 1787
Also known as the Connecticut Compromise, proposed by Sherman and Ellsworth, provided for bicameral Congress
American System - 1820s
Clay's policies, calling for high tariffs, internal improvements, and a strong national bank
Monroe Doctrine - 1823
Monroe's statement that European powers should not interfere in the affairs of nations in the WEstern Hemisphere
Doctrine of Nullifcation - 1932
Calhoun and SC declared a state could suspend federal laws; Webster argued the issue with Hayne in the SEnate
Freeport Doctrine - 1858
Stephen Douglas's support for popular socereignty on the slavery issue, espoused during his debates with Lincoln in Illinois Senate election
Open Door Policy - 1899
Secretary of Sate Hay negotiated for equal trading rights in China
Square Deal - 1903
Theodore Roosevelt's policies of treating everyone equally
Roosevelt Corollay - 1904
Theodore Roosevelt's assertion that the US could interven in affairs of Latin American nations, such as Venezuela
Dollar Diplomacy - 1909
Taft's policies of investin money in Latin America; led to military involvement in places such as Nicaragua
New Nationalism - 1912
Theodore Roosevelt's policies as a Progressive PArty candidate
New Freedom - 1912
Wilson's policies of limited government, lowe tariffs, banking reform, and antitrust laws
Dawes Plan - 1924
Plan to reduce reparations imposed on Germany at Versailles
Young Plan - 1929
Further reduced reparation imposed on Germany after WWI
Stimson Doctrine - 1932
Hoover's Secretary of STate said the US would not recognize territorial changes resulting from Japan's invasion of Manchuria
New Deal - 1933
FDR's plan for economic recovery during the Great DEpression
Fair Deal - 1945
Truman's plan for social legislation
Marshall Plan - 1947
Also European Recovery Program; alloted $13 billion for rebuilding Europe after WWII
Containment - 1947
Plan to limit spread of Communism
Great Society - 1964
LBJ's policies of fighting poverty and racial injustive
Shuttle Diplomacy - 1973
Secretary of STate Kissinger traveled back and forth between nations in the Arab-Israeli War