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I. Olfactory
I. Sensory

Olfaction (smell) directly to temporal lobe
II. Optic
II. Sensory

Visual Acuity
III. Oculomotor
III. Both

Eyeball movement: Sup/Inf/Med Rectus, Inf Oblique
Focusing and Pupil Size
IV. Trochlear
IV. Motor

"pulley" - eye ball movement for superior oblique
V. Trigeminal
V. Both

3 divisions: opthalamic, maxillary, mandibular

Motor: muscles for chewing

Sensory: Major nerve of face
VI. Abducens
VI. Motor

eyeball movement to outside (abduction), lateral rectus (straight out to side)
VII. Facial
VII. Mixed

Motor: facial expression, secretion of saliva/tears

Sensory: Taste
VIII. Auditory or
VII. Sensory

Hearing, Audition, Balance, Equilibrium
IX. Glossopharyngeal
IX. Both

Motor: swallowing & saliva secretion

Sensory: taste/tongue position
X. Vagus
X. Both

Motor: major autonomic nerve to viscera

Sensory: visceral sensation
XI. Spinal/Accessory
XI. Motor

Swallowing & Head Movement
(neck muscles)
XII. Hypoglossal
XII. Motor - below tongue

Speech and swallowing.