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How many pairs of cranial nerves are there?
what are sensory fibers?
associated with receptors in head & neck
what are motor fibers
associated with nuclei in brainstem that lead to muscles & glands
What are mixed cranial nerves?
contain sensory & motor fibers
Olfactory nerves (I)
sensory, link odor dectecting receptors in noes with olfactory bulbs
Optic nerves (II)
sensory, link visual receptors in retinas with optic tracts
Oculomotor nerves (III)
motor, innervate muscles that move eyelids & eyeballs, control amount of light entering the eye & focus the lens
Trochlear nerves (IV)
motor, innervate muscles that control movement of the eyeball
Trigeminal nerves (V)
mixed, transmit sensory signals from eyes & forehead regarding touch, temp & pain, innervate muscles used in chewing
Abducens nerves (VI)
motor, innervate muscles that control movements of eyeball