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When operating sanitation devices in foreign waters, Navy ships comply with which of the following requirements?
Status of Forces Agreement
What program provides information and support for Navy personnel who are guests in foreign lands
Overseas Duty Support Program
The Navy's Health and Physical Readiness Program promotes health and fitness at the command level. As part of this program, naval personnel are required to undergo fitness testing at what interval?
"Informing the public and members of the naval service about Navy operation and programs" is the mission of
The guidance and policy for making sure that equal opportunity works rests with what office?
Chief of Naval Operations
Steel erodes faster than normal when exposed to which of the following air pollutants?
Sulfur oxides
If you cannot resolve a complaint among the personnel involved, you can attach a written complaint to a special request chit and forward it through the chain of command. You must do this within 5 days?
On what basis should supervisors assign duties such as food service and compartment cleaning?
A fair, rotational basis
What person has the responsibility of appointing the command ombudsman?
Commanding Officer
Which of the following provides the basis for establishing and managing a Command Career Development Program
Career Information Management (CIM)
Which of the following is identified by the Career Counselor Handbook as a foundation element to a successful command career management program
Navigational Tracks
Which of the following is a key element to a successful Career Development Program (CDP)
Your response
"Active involvement of the chain of command"
Which of the following materials is the primary municipal pollutant
"Raw or inadequately treated sewage
What person determines the content and priorities of the command ombudsman program?
Commanding officer",
What is the primary pollution concern of Navy personnel?
Shipboard wastes