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What is a nematode?
nonsegmented roundworm (animal), parasitic on plants or animals, or free living in soil or water, bilaterally symmetrical, pseudocoelomic, and aquatic
What is an endoparasite and an example?
parasitic organism that lives and feeds from inside its host (see ectoparasite)
(lesion nematode, Pratylenchus sp., an endoparasite)
What is an ectoparasite and an example?
parasite that feeds from the exterior of its host (see endoparasite)
(female sting nematode, Belonolaimus sp., feeding on a root)
What 3 types of stylets are there?
stomatostylet, odontostylet, onchiostylet
What are the parts of the stomatostylet?
cone, shaft, knobs
How do nematodes affect plants?
root parasites, foliar parasites, vascular parasites, disease interactions
What are above-ground symptoms of root nematodes?
wilting, declining, yellowing, stunting, thinning, death, lodging, damage in patches
What is the most damaging nematode worldwide?
root-knot nematodes which causes galling
What is unique about vascular nematodes?
vectored by beetles
What is a disease vectored by a nematode?
corky ringspot in potato
grapevine fanleaf