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1. What does ADB stand for?
Aircraft Discrepancy Book
2. What is a 4790/141?
An A sheet.
3. What is a 4790/38?
DTA Paperwork
4. What is a plane captain’s main job?
5. Who signs for taking the fuel sample in the ADB?
Plane Captain
7. What does a red mark on a maf mean?
Non-mission capable
6. What does a blue mark on a maf mean?
Partial Mission Capable.
8. When are you authorized to do a DTA inspection without your DTA cards?
9. What is the MRC 100?
Turnaround card.
10. What is the MRC 300?
Daily inspection cards.
11. What does CAD stand for?
Cartridge Activated Device
12. How long is a daily inspection good for?
72 hours. (Exceptions: unless it flies or major maintenance.)
13. How long is a turnaround inspection good for?
24 hours. (Exceptions: unless it flies or major maintenance.)
14.Who CDI’s the daily inspection after the Plane Captain?
No one.
15. Why do you have to ground an aircraft in the hangar bay?
For static discharge/hangar floor is painted.
16. If an aircraft flies, how long is the daily good for?
24 hours from the original time the daily was signed off from.
17. When do you take fuel samples?
Prior to the first flight of the day.
18. What does HAZMAT stand for?
Hazardous Materials
19. What is the first thing you do before starting the daily insp?
Screen the ADB.
20. What does GAI stand for?
General Aircraft Information
21. What does a warning mean?
Injury/death to personnel.
22. What does a caution mean?
Damage to aircraft/equipment.
23. What does IRAC stand for?
Interim Rapid Action Change.
24. How many CADS are there on the aircraft?
25. What are the wind restrictions for folding/unfolding the blades?
45 knots or more.
26. What are the wind restrictions for opening the doghouse in winds?
27. What is the Teeter test performed on?
Tail rotor blades
28. How many dipsticks are on the aircraft?
29. How long should you wait after engine shut down to check the oil level?
A minimum of 20 minutes.
30. How long do you wait after shutdown to check the MGB oil on the cold side of the dipstick?
2 hours.
31. What are the lock pin pullers made out of?
Copper beryllium
32. What color lens do you use when testing the engine fire detectors?
Who can sign inspected by for a fuel sample?
QAR, CDQAR, CDI, Qualified air crewman.
34. Which blade has the bumper assy?
35. What does BIM stand for?
Blade inspection method
36. What is the only way to enter in/out of the rotor arc?
At the 3 or 9 o’clock position.
37. How do you know when there are 10 flights in the ADB?
Each A sheet is one flight.
38. What type oil do you use to service the engines with?
39. What is the target pressure for the rotor brake?
450-690 PSI
40. What does PPE stand for?
Personnel protective equipment
41. Who can sign off the DTA paperwork?
Only a qualified Plane captain.
42. How many people does it take to move an aircraft?
43. What is the general safety hazard associated with the hyd bay?
Flight controls move.
44. Why must you enter the rotor arc at the 3 or 9 o’clock position?
Blades can drop below 4 feet.
What is the primary way to slew the stab?
With electrical power.
46. What could happen to the aircraft if you slew the stab under battery power?
Damage to aircraft battery system.
47. Who is in direct control of an aircraft move?
48. Who can remove smokes from the aircraft?
Ordnance qualified personnel.
49. What does TGB stand for?
Tail Gear Box
50. What is the NATO code for JP 5?
51. Where is the windshield wiper reservoir located?
Cockpit, aft, stbd of pilot seat against bulkhead.