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What is the max. towing speed for aircraft or SE?
5mph or walking speed of the wing walkers.
What is the required tail wheel pressure for the H60R?
As a PC you are preparing to launch an aircraft whn you notice an unsecured doghouse on the line. What is the proper procedure?
Hold launching A/C untill Doghouse is secured.
What body part is pointed to in order to indicate an internal fire? external?
mouth. ear.
What is the fire extinguishing agent aboard the aircraft?
Is there such a thing as a combat daily?
What is the hangar bay fire extinguishing agent?
What are the steps of ORM?
Identify, asses, make decision, implement controls, survey situation
Where are the MSDS located?
Tool Room
What do you do if the aircraft you are preparing to move had smokes inside?
call the AO's
What if an AT gets tangled up in a cable?
shear the cable.
How many people are needed to move an aircraft?
6 (w/ brakes), 5 (w/o brakes)
What are the mover positions?
2 Wing walkers, Braker rider, PC, TT driver, safety observer.
What is the first step for moving an aircraft?
Pre-Op the SE.
How many people needed for a tail crack?
5 (3 pole, 1 stab, 1 strut)
What is the Max wind speed that you can fold or spread the blades?
45 knots
What are the differences between Hyd. Pumps?
B/U pupms have their own motors.
How Long after a move can you check fuel?
2 hrs
What does MIMs stand for?
maintenance instruction maunal
What does NALCOMIS stand for?
Naval Aviation Logistics Command Manegment Info System
What is the MIL Spec for engine/ APU oil?
What is the MIL SPEC for transmission oil?
What is restricted fuel for this aircraft and why?
JP-4, low ignition temp.
What are your primary servos?
Forward, Aft, Lateral
What are your boost servos?
Yaw, Roll, Pitch, and Collective.
Can you check the oil of the IGB with the tail folded? Why?
NO, tail folds at a slant.
What does the sight gague look like on the Engine, IGB and TGB look like when in limits?
within the bullseye or between the two lines.
What is the pressure range for the rotor brake?
450-690 psi
What are the two types of trim servos?
Hydromechanical and Electromechanical.
What is the Max PSI for fueling? defueling?
2 PSI, 3 SI
What does the high speed shaft do
spins the imput mods
max fuel capacity
4000 lbs
nato code jp5
nato code jp8
nato code jp4
max psi for defuel
fire extinguishing agent in fire bottles
psi for main landing gear
100 psi
what is msds
material safty data sheets
hand signal manual
na 00-80t-113
how long after shut down do you check apu oil
1 hr
how long after shut down do you check engine oil
20 minutes
how long after shut down do you wait to move an aircraft
20 minutes
max psi for gauge while fueling
2 psi
what is the restricted fuel for this ac and why
jp 4 : low flash point
blade fold wind restrictions
45 knots
psi for tail wheel
A/C movement procedures manual?
How many are required to spread the tail?
How many people are required to move an Aircraft?
6 people

1 PC, 2 Wingwalkers, 1 Safety observers, 1 tow tractor driver, 1 Brake rider.
Define PREST
An agent added to fuel to prevent freezing
Who can suspend your pc qual?
CO, though the Mo can recommend
What does the "Coffee Can" service?
Pump 1
Pump 2
Back up
Utility Pump
Rotor Brake
What is the First WARNING when connecting external power?
Area around STAB is clear of personnel/
Five steps of ORM
1. Identify Hazards
2. Make risk decisions
3. Access hazards
4. Implement controls
5. Supervise
How long after shutdown can you check MGB OIL?
Hot side .5 hour - 2 hours
Cold side over 2 hours
What is the PreCaution when opening the Nose Door?
Watch out for dripping water in avionics.
What does RAST stand for?
Recovery Assist Securing Transvering
At what wind condition does not allow for stab or blade fold?
45 knotts
How long is a daily good for?
72 hours unless there is major maint. or flight.
How many Cads (w/out armament) Total & Locations
7 total
2 x each fire bottles
1 rast probe
1 rescue hoist
1 alfs or cargo hook
What are the 5 parts of a Blade?
Tip Cap, Trim Tab, Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Root
Which task do you check for servicing?
How long is a turnaround good for?
24 hours unless major maint. or flight
Max towing speed of A/C?
5 mph pr as fast as the slowest Wingwalker
A/C wash soap
When towing the A/C when do you unlock the Tail Wheel?
After Attatching the tow bar
What does a "C" annotate in a daily deck?
Corrosive prone area
Turnaround Card MRC
Describe the A/C battery
Nickle-Cadium 24 DC Power
For high winds/ weater conditions, how much deflection of the blade tips is required?
6-12 inches to prevent damage for overtighting/wind flapping
Total Number and Locations of Eye Wash Stations
4 total
Hanger Bay
Line Shack
Wash Rack Hazmat station
Why can't you Check IGB oil if tail is folded?
Because the Aircraft tail is no longer level
4 things to look for on a daily
FOD, intergrity, security, corrosion
How long after shutdown can you check APU oil?
1 hour
Mil spec for hydraulic fluid?
What are the two types of rescue hoist?
Breeze Eastern & Goodrich
How many people are required for fuel samples?
3 total
fire guard
safety observer
person taking sample
Can you allow personnel to enter/exit while washing #2 engine?
yes, stator is engaged, no fuel in engine
How low can blades droop down?
4 feet
what are the power requirements for the A/C
155 vac
400 htz
3 phase
What do you check the tail bumper for?
Missing paint for evidence of impact
What is the AAR-47?
Location & warning related
Fish lenses on foward esm's and tail pylon.

warning: inner lens coated w/ DOUBLE NICKLE SALT
danger if leaking!!
How can you spot corrosion on the MGB, TGB, & IGB
They're made with Magnesium Alloy. corrosion wil be a White Powdery Mounds
Nato Codes For FUEL?
JP 8 (F-34)
Jet-1a (F-35)
JP-4 (F-40)
JP-5 (F-44)
When inspecting the gravity fuel cover what are you looking for?
Grounding wire potted
All bolts are present
White arrow facing forward
How long after shutdown can you check engine oil?
20 Minutes
Weight of fuel load?
Internal 592 gal - 3788 lbs

External 120 gal - 787 lbs
General responsibility of a PC
Safety, Corrosion Prevention, FOD, Intergrity Of A/C, most of all safety
What Tools are required when checking servicing on ECS air cycle machine Oil level?
Flashlight and Mirror
Shimmy Damper Location
Tail Landing Gear Port Side
What does the term "Should" mean?
Recommended Action
How long does the BIM indicator take to test if temp is above 20 degrees
10-30 seconds
What is directly behind the Title Page?
in heavy weather how many tie downs are required?
3 at each point
Total of 18
What does "Caution" mean in a pub?
Damage or destruction to equipment
Hand Signal Pub
minimum/maximum fueling PSI
45 minimum
55 Maximum
How do you wash a helo?
From bottom to top, (prevents streaking)
what does a "warning" in a pub?
Death or Injury
According to the wing Namsop, how often are PC monitors due?
Every Six months
What is a BIM?
Blade inspecton method
What does the term "SHALL" mean?
Mandatory Action
How long do you have to wait to cycle the blade fold motor?
10 minutes so you don't burn out motor
Correct term for dog house panel?
Slinding Fairing
Can you gravity fuel with engines running?
Where are the tie down located?
1. Front tires
2. between the transition section and the tail
3. high point located near dog house
Can you move the Aircraft without brakes.
not without the MO's authorization
What is the difference between the goodrich and the breeze eastern?
Breeze Eastern: Spring