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Who is the creator of pilates?
Joseph Hubertus Pilates
What does Pilates call his system?
What is contrology?
“the science and art of coordinated body-mind-spirit development through natural movements under strict control of the will.”
what is the first modified excercise?
The hundred- back into mat, hands on stomach, breathe in and out-lift head up and
What is the second excercise after the hundred?
the roll-up- knees together and bent, feet soles flat on mat, inhale and bring chin to chest-arms by side and slowly moving up..stretch legs out as stretch forward,
What comes after the roll-up?
the single-leg circles
what comes after the single-leg circles?
rolling up like a ball, knees slightly open and torward chest, inhale as your roll back and exhale as you roll forward
What comes after the rolling like a ball?
single-leg stretch, inhale as switching hand positions
What comes after the double leg stretch?
pull arms by ears and extend legs out and pull in inhale and stretch out, exhale and pull in, head up
What is the last modified beginner excercise?
sit up tall, legs stretched forward, open slightly wider than hips, inhale as pulling forward, exhale as stretching
What do the single leg circles do for the body?
strengthen the leg in the hip joint and stretch the iliotibial band (muscle running on the outer part of the thigh)
What does the roll-up do for the body?
strengthens the spine by articulating the vertebrae
What does the hundred do for the body?
it is a breathing exercise meant to circulate the blood in preparation for the next exercises
What does rolling like a ball do for the body?
an abdominal exercise that improves balances and massages the spine
what do single leg exercises do for the body?
termed "stomach series"- first 5 exercises
meant to flow from one to the next without changing initial body position
What does the spine stretch do for the body?
articulates the spine and enhances good posture, also stretches the hamstrings and empties stale air from the lungs
What are the benefits of pilates?
build strength without bulking up, a refreshing mind-body workout, develop a strong core, create an evently conditioned body and prevent sports injuries, learn efficient patterns of motion, be confident and safe, and be challenged
What are the non-negotiables?
stand up straight, your powerhouse is always engaged "in and up", lift chest, steady gaze, evenly distributed weight
What are the twoexercises that take place on the wall?
circles on the wall, rolling down the wall,