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acute overload
an "Average" training load whereby the athlete is stressing the body to the extent necessary to improve both physiological function and performance.
chronic fatigue syndrome
a syndrome that appears to involve the immune system dysfunction. Patients have incapacitating fatigue sore throat muscle tenderness or pain and cognitive dysfunction
changes in physiological function in response to a reduction or cessation of regular physical training.
excessive training
training in which volume intensity or both are too great or are increased to quickly without proper progression.
a chronic syndrome that includes muscle pain as its dominant symptom but is also characterized by muscle weakness migraine type headaches and depression.
immune function
the body's normal ability to fight infection and illness with antibodies and lymphocytes.
a systematic attempt to intentionally over stress the body allowing the body to adapt even more to the training stimulus above and beyond the adaptation attained during a period of acute overload.
the attempt to do more work than can be physically tolerated.
overtaining syndrome
a condition brought on by overtraining and characterized by performance decrements and a general breakdown in physiological function.
breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in protein buildup in the blood and often in the urine.
a reduction in training intensity prior to a major competition to give the body and mind a break from the rigors of intense training.
taper period
a period during which training intensity is reduced allowing time for tissue damage from intense training to heal and for the body's energy reserves to be fully replenished.
the type of training an athlete would undertake between competitive seasons or during active rest.