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A signal that can be represented as a sequence of discrete values.
What is a Digital Signal? (491)
A signal consisting of discrete/fixed values. examples: Morse Code, binary number system, a combination lock, et. al.
A substance that kills harmful bacteria or viruses.
What is a Disinfectant? (209)
Ex. Bleach. A base that contains hypochlorous acid and feels slippery.
An effect in which white light separates into component colors.
What is Dispersion? (417)
White light separates into different colors because of differences in wave speed as through a prism or in a rainbow.
A microscopic magnetic region composed of a group of atoms whose magnetic fields are aligned in a common direction.
What is a Domain? (471)
An unmagnetized piece of iron can be magnetized by contact with a strong magnet which realigns the small regions or ________ to point in the same direction.
An observed change in the frequency of a wave when the source or observer is moving.
What is the Doppler Effect? (373)
Frequency changes when the source of waves is moving causing the _______ _____. Use in meteorolgy for radar.
A reaction in which a gas, a solid precipitate, or a molecular compound is formed from the apparent exhange of ions between two compounds.
What is a Double-Displacement Reaction.

Ex. AX + BY yields AY + BX with two compounds appear to exhange atoms.
An event that occurs when one object passes into the shadow of another object.
What is an Eclipse? (549)
Predictable solar or lunar events that cause the Earth to grow temporarily dark by alignment of earth with the sun and moon.
All of the living and nonliving elements of another object.
What is an Ecosystem? (630)
These systems are divided into comunities, vary in size, and are adapted to by all living things.
A quantity, usually expressed as a percentage, that measures the ration of useful work output to work input.
What is Efficiency? (312)
Expressed as useful work output divided by work Input as a percentage.
An electrical property of matter that creates a force between object.
What is an Electric Charge? (430)
Ex. Static Electricity occurs when objects have like charges. If an equal amount of positive and negative charges exist there will be no net charge.