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cut <-> down

I was cut down my salary.
reduce the amount of something

eat/use less
give <-> up

She gave up her job and started writing poetry.
stop doing something
get rid of sth

It's time we got rid of all these old toys.
throw away or destroy something you do not want any more
pay <-> back

I'll pay you back on Friday.
give someone the money that you owe them [= repay]:
look up

Now the summer's here things are looking up!

look <-> up

Look the word up in your dictionary.
1 if a situation is looking up, it is improving [= improve, get better]

if you look up information in a book, on a computer etc, you try to find it there
be acquainted (with)

She was well acquainted with classical literature.
know about something, because you have seen it, read it, used it etc
be bored (with, by)

Are you bored with your present job?
tired and impatient because you do not think something is interesting
be broken

The CD player's broken again.
not working properly
be closed

The shops here are closed on Sundays.
not open
be composed of

Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
to be formed from a number of substances, parts, or people [= consist of]
turn sth around
if a business, department etc that is not successful turns around, it STARTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.