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the epistemological crisis that arises from the reformation
-stuck with no final intellectual authority.
How does Descartes counter skeptisism?
-Doubt everything until you are aware that you are doubting...which is undoubtable
-Therefore, you must exist (I think, therefore I am")
Why can Cogitom ergo sum not be doubted?
bc you are doubting, which is thinking...and therefore you must exist.
What is solipism and how does Descartes tend to avoud it?
-Doctrine that only I exist
-Avoids it by proving the external world
Descaretes proof of God
-Since I can think of a God, there must be a God.
How does Descartes prove the existance of material things?
-God cannot deciece us, so there must be a reality bc we see reality.
Cartesian Comprisme
Comprimise btw. church & science
-The material world belongs to science and truths about mind belong to the church
What are the 2 substances that make up reality?
1. matter- material things
2. mind/soul
What is the primary quality of mind and matter
Matter- extenstion
Mind- thinking