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Brand name for albuterol?
Therapeutic classification of albuterol is?
Pharmacologic classification of albuterol is?
What kind of agent is albuterol?
adrenergic agent
What is an indication for the use of albuterol?
used as a bronchodilator to control andn prevent reversible airway obstruction caused by (2)?
What is the inhalant form of albuterol used for?

a quick relief agent for (2)?
acute bronchospasm
prevention of exercise-induced bronchohspasm
What is the PO form of albuterol used for?

used as a long-term control agent in patients with?
The MOA of albuterol is?

binds to beta2-adrenergic receptors in airway _______ _________

myosin and decreases intracellular?

relaxes it...and results in subsequent bronchodilation
smooth muscle...increased levels of cAmP activate kinases, which inhibits phosphorylation of _______

calcium....and what does decreased levels of calcium do to airway smooth muscle?
Albuterol is relatively selective for which beta receptors and why is this beneficial?
beta2 because they're pulmonary receptors
Therapeutic effects of albuterol?
What should be assessed before administration and during peak of medication and what characteristics should be noted with sputum produced?
lung sounds
blood pressure

note amount, color, character
What function should be assessed before initiating therapy and periodically during therapy to determine effectiveness of medication?
pulmonary function
Describe expected paradoxical bronchospasm that might be observed while on albuterol?
wheezing...if it occurs, withhold medication and notify physician
What should nurse look for with lab tests?

May cause transient DECREASE in serum?
potassium concentrations with nebulization or higher-than-recommended doses
PO albuterol should be administered?
with meals to minimize gastric irritation
How many minutes should be allowed between inhalation of aerosol medication?
1 minute
For nebulized albuterol, compressed air or oxygen flow should be how many L/ long does a single treatment of 3 mL last?
6-10 L/min

about 10 minutes
Instruct patient to take albuterol exactly as directed. If on a scheduled dosing regimen, take missed dose?
as soon as remembered, spacing remaining doses at regular intervals...don't double dose or increase the dose or frequency of doses
Paradoxical bronchospasm more likely with which dose?
first dose from new cannister...or with loss of effectiveness of medication
Instruct patient to contact hcp immediately if what occurs and not relieved by medication?
shortness of breath
Instruct patientn to contact hcp immediately if shortness of breath is accompanied by?
chest pain
Instruct client to prime unit with how many sprays before using?

200...actuators should not be changed among?
4..discard cannister after how many sprays?

Advise patient to consult hcp before taking?
OTC meds
natural/herbal products
also avoid smoking and other
respiratory irritants
What might patient register while taking albuterol?
unusual or bad taste
Advise patients to use albuterol first if using other?

5 minutes
inhalation meds and allow how much time to elapse before administering other inhalant medications unless otherwise directed?
Advise patient to rinse mouth with water after each _______ dose to minimize dry mouth.
Instruct patient to notify hcp if no response to the usual dose of albuterol or if contents of one canister are used less than?
2 weeks
Effectiveness of therapy can be demonstrated by?
prevention or relief of bronchospasm
What type of adrenergic medication is albuterol and what are its routes of administration?
PO, inhalation