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What are dilating drops called?
What is Methylpredinisolone acetate (Depo-Medrol)?
A steroid used topically to diminish inflammation after eye surgery.
What is Alpha-chymotrypsin?
An enzyme used before cataract surgery to soften the zonules of the lens.
A medicine cup holds 2 ounces. How many milliliters does it hold?
60 ml
What drug category would be used to treat symptoms of an allergy?
What are antihistamines used for?
To treat symptoms of allergies.
What is soda lime used for in mask inhalation anesthesia?
To absorb carbon dioxide.
What is another name for balanced anesthesia?
True or False

Most anesthetic agents are lethal.
What is the purpose of Cricoid pressure?
To occlude the esophagus.
What is another name for Cricoid pressure?
Selleck's maneuver.