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Generic: Naloxone
Class: Opioid antagonist
Indication: Mgmt and reversal of overdoses caused by narcotics
Withdrawal effects: tachycardia, HTN, disrhythmias
Interactions: alkaline
Onset/Duration: IV, IM
Dosage: 1-2mg
Generic: Flumazenil
Class: Benzodiazepine anatgonist
Indication: Reverse CNS and resp depression dt benzo.
Withdrawal effects: can be life-threatening
Onset/Duration: IV only, 0.2mg IV over 30sec
Schedule CIV
Generic: Methohexital Sodium
Class: Barbiturate Anesthetic
Indication: Cardioversion
Notes: hypnotic, short and fast acting
Interactions: Phenytoin, barbiturates
Onset/Duration: IV only
Dosage: 10mg/ml lasting 5-7min
Schedule CIV
Generic: Midazolam
Class: Anti-anxiety, Benzodiazepine, Hypnotic, Sedative
Indication: Preop sedation, aids in intro of anesthesia
Side effects: apnea, arrhythmias, lanryngospasm
Interactions: alcohol, sedatives, lessens effects of anti-HTN
Onset/Duration: 1.5-5min onset, rapid peak, 2-6H duration
Dosage: 2mg/2ml and 1mg doses
Schedule CII
Brand: Sublimaze
Class: Opioid analgesic and agonist
Indication: suppliment to general anesthesia
Notes: short-acting, commonly taken w/ benzo. (i.e. Versed)
Side effects: confused, delirium, arrhythmias, bradycardia
Interactions: MAO inhibitors w/in 14 days
Onset/Duration: 1-2min onset, 3-5min peak, 0.5-1hr duration
Dosage: 100mcg/2ml and 50mcg
Schedule CII Narcotic
Brand: Astramorph
Class: Opioid analgesic and agonist
Indication: severe pain, PEdema, pain w/ MI
Notes: long-acting, venodilator, wks well w/ benzo. (i.e. Valium)
Side effects: sedation, resp depression, hypotension, bradycardia
Interactions: caution w/ MAO inhibitors and anticoagulants
Onset/Duration: IV and PO, with IV-rapid onset, 20min peak, 4-5H duration
Dosage: 10mg/ml or 5mg
Schedule CIV
Generic: Diazepam
Class: Benzodiazepine, anti-anxiety, sedative, hypnotic, relaxant
Indication: Preop sedation, light amnesia
Notes: very common sedative, long-lasting (longer than Versed), common w/ Morphine or Demerol
Side effects: resp depression, hypotension, lethargy
Interactions: alcohol, antidepressants, antihistamines
Onset/Duration: IV 1-5min onset, 15-30min peak, 15-60min duration
Dosage: PO 2.5-5mg, IV 10mg/2ml
Brand: Anectine
Class: Neuromuscular blocker
Indication: Emergency Intubation (RSI)
Notes: Paralytic, ultra-short acting, no change in HR or RR, must sedate pt first
Side effects: bradycardia, hyperkalemia
Interactions: beta blockers, valium, cardiac glycosides
Onset/Duration: <1min onset, 5min duration
Generic: Haloperidol
Class: Anti-psychotic
Indication: During open heart surgery
Notes: "dazed and confused", no effect on vital signs
Side effects: hypotension, tachycardia, resp depression
Interactions: alcohol, anti-HTN, nitrates
Onset/Duration: IM and PO, IM 20-30min onset, 30-45min peak, 4-8H duration
Generic: Etomidate
Class: General anaesthetic
Indication: emergency RSI
Notes: hypnotic used for RSI, fast and short acting
Side effects: apnea, tachycardia or bradycardia
Onset/Duration: 1min onset, 3-5min duration
Schedule CII Narcotic
Generic: Meperidine
Class: Opioid analgesic and agonist
Indication: mod to severe Chronic pain, preop sedation
Notes: stronger than Morphine
Side effects: seizures, sedation, hypotension
Interactions: alcohol, antihistamine, sedatives
Onset/Duration: IV and PO, IV immediate onset, 5-7min peak, 2-4H duration
Dosage: 10mg/ml
Generic: Propofol
Class: General Anesthetic
Indication: short-acting hypnotic
Notes: sedation for LT and ST intubation, white milky liquid, can use w/ Versed, Fentynal
Side effects: amnesia
Interactions: alcohol, antihistamine, sedatives
Onset/Duration: IV only, 40sec onset, 3-5min duration
Dosage: 0.25-0.5mg/kg