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a prophylaxis for variant angina
nitrates or CCB
What would you use for an acute attack
Sublingual nitro
Definition of Chronic Stable, exertional angina
exertion related, predictable pattern, anxiety
Def. of Varian angina (Prinzmetal's)
associated w/ more severe pain. usually occurs at rest rather thatn with exertion, earl morning, awakening from sleep, tends to involve the r. coronary artery, and is assoc. w/ arrhythmias or conduction defects. Due to vasospasms of the coronary artery.
Nitroglycerin Transdermal patches

Nitro. Sustained RElease Tab

Isosorbide dintrate & Isosorbide Momonitrate
Acute attacks: Sublingual Tablets (Nitrostate) & Sublingual Spray
-also taken prior to exercise to prevent attacks
-rapid onset of action (1-2minutes) almost as fast as IV

Prophylactically to reduce frequency of exertional or variant angina attacks:

-Nitroglycerin Transdermal Patches (Nitro-Dur, Minitran) steady, constant release over 24hrs; applied once a day

-Nitroglycerin Sustained Release Tab (Nitro-Bid)

-Isosorbide dinitrate (Isordil) & Isosorbide Mononitrate (Ismo, Monoket) oral