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mech of 5FU
pyrimidine inhibits thimidylate synthase, decrease dTMP like MTX
used for basal cell (topical)
use in CML
SE busulfan
pulmonary fibrosis and hyperpigmentation
which Rx has SE irreversible myelosuppression
5FU (v MTX myelosuppression which can reverse w leucovorin (folinic acid))
what use in AML
what cyclophosphamide used for
NHL, br, ovarian, immune
used for HD
ABVD (Doxorubican/Adriamycin, Bleo, Vinblastine, decarbazine)
which Rx has SE megaloblastic anemia
cytarabine (along with leukopenia, thrombocytopenia)
what use in brain tumors
SE cisplatin
nephrotoxicity, acoustic nerve
use cisplatin
testicular, bladder, ovary, lung
which Rx must be activated by HGPRTase
used with MTX
5FU (they're synergistic)
SE hemorrhagic cystitis
cyclophosphamide (can be partially prevented with mesna)
use of bleomycin
testicular, lymphomas
mech of cytarabine
inhibits DNA polymerase
4 Rx need bioactivation
nitrosureas, cyclophosphamide (by liver), 5FU and 6MP
dizziness, ataxia a SE for
nitrosurea (cross BBB, CNS toxicity)
specific mech of cyclophosphamide
covalently x-link DNA at guanine N-7
name some alkylating
nitrosurea, cisplatin, cyclophosphamide, busulfan
G2 specific Rx
etoposide (inhibits topoisomerase II increases DNA degradation)
Prednisone use cancer
used in CLL, Hodgkins MOPP
tamoxifen mech
estrogen R mixed agonist/antagonist (SERM), effectively blocks binding of estrogen
compare cyclophosphamide and cisplatin
cyclophosphomide and cisplatin both alkylating agents, cyclo specif bind guanine N7 and require bioactiv, cyclo is used in NHL, Br, ovarian, immune while cisplatin is used in testicular, bladder, ovary and lung. SE of cyclo are myelosuppress and hemorrhagic cystitis, cisplatin is nephrotoxicity and acoustic nerve damage
summary cyclo (mech, use, SE)
alkylating agent binds guanine N7 and requires bioactiv
use: NHL, breast, ovarian, immune
SE: myelosuppress, hemorrhagic cystitis
summmary cisplatin (mech, use, SE)
alkylating agent used for testicular, bladder, ovary, lung with SE nephrotoxicity and acoustic nerve damage
herceptin, monoclonal Ab ag her-2
toxicity trastuzumab
mech vincristine, vinblastin
bind tubulin and block polymerization of microtubules (no mitotic spindle can form.
M phase specific
anti-cancer agent binds to tubulin so spindle cannot break down
use paclitaxel
anti-cancer for ovarian, breast
toxicity paclitaxel
myelosuppression, hypersensitivity
use of vincristine, vinblastine
lymphoma (MOPP), Wilm's tumor, choriocarcinoma
FK506 binds to FK binding peotein, inhibits sxn IL2 and others
use tacrolimus
immune suppression in transplant
toxicity tacrolimus
nephrotox, peripheral neuro, HTN, pl eff, hyperglycemia
mech azathioprine
deriv 6MP interferes with syn and metab nucleic acids. toxic to prolifer lymphocytes
use azathioprine
kidney transplant, autoimmune (GN, AHA)
mech cyclosporine
binds cyclophilins, block diff and activ of T cells by inhibit production IL2 and its R
use cyclosporine
suppress organ rejection s/p transplant, some autoimmune
toxicity cyclosporine
nephtrotoxic (prevent w mannitol diuresis)
predisposal to viral infxn and lymphoma