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describe the 3 trio sauces

when is it brought out
soy sauce-replaces salt
chili oil-replaces pepper
white viniger-enhances tartness

Bring trio at greet
When is the special sauce made?
Before the food arrives
Who prepares the special sauce?
the server
Is the special sauce prepared the same for every table
What tables get special sauce?
All of them
5 ingredients in the hot and sour soup
chicken strips, woodear mushrooms, silken tofu, bamboo shoots, chicken broth
Can a guest alter the ingredients in the Hot and Sour Soup
No, it is pre-made
Name six ingredients in the Wonton Soup
Chicken,Pork Wontons,shrimp,water chestnuts and white mushrooms, spinach
Can a guest alter the Wonton soup in any way, including the bowl its served in?
They can alter the ingredients but not the size of the bowl
Name 4 ingredients inside the Crab Wontons
Rock Crab,Cream Cheese,Fried Wonton Skin, Garlic, Ginger
How many Crab Wontons per order?
Describe the sauce and veggies served with Crab Wontons.
Julienne Carrots and cucumbers tossed in Potsticker Sauce.

Spicy Plum Sauce served on the side. (plum sauce,crushed red pepper, water)
Name 4 ingredients in the Peking Dumplings
Pork, Ginger, Green Onions, Nappa Cabbage
Name 4 ingredients in the Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp, Ginger, Green Onions, Carrots
Name 4 ingredients in the Vegetable Dumplings
5 spice tofu, bamboo shoots, ginger, green onions
Describe the sauce for the Peking Dumplings
Potsticker Sauce-soy sauce chili oil, white vineger, water, sugar, sesame oil, green onions
Describe the sauce for the Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp Dumpling Sauce-chili paste, cilantro, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, water, white vineger, green onions
Describe the sauce for the vegetable dumplings
Potsticker Sauce-soy sauce, chili oil, white vineger, water, sugar, sesame oil, green onions
Name 3 differences between Northern Style Spare Ribs and the Chang's Spare Ribs
-Northern Ribs are served dry
Changs Ribs with BBQ sauce
-Northern Ribs have a side of 5 spice powder
Changs have a side of pickled
red cabbage slaw
-Changs Ribs are garnished with sesame seeds
What is the Garnish for the Chang's Spare Ribs, and what is served on the side of the plate
Sesame Seeds

Pickled Red Cabbage
Describe in detail what is served on the side of the Northern Style Spar Ribs
5 spice powder (cassia bark, cloves, star anise, sichuan peppercorn and fennel), salt, and white pepper
What are the 5 main ingredients in the Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Chicken, Black Mushrooms, Green Onions, Water Chestnuts, Rice Sticks
Describe the Chicken Lettuce Wraps as you would to a guest.
This is our most popular appetizer, the minced chicken mixture is stir-fried and place on a bed of crispy rice sticks. It is eaten like a chinese taco with the lettuce cups.
Describe what sauce comes with the salt and pepper calamari.
chili bean sauce-Chee Hou sauce, chicken stock, chili paste, cornstarch, garlic, ground bean sauce, rice wine, sichuan sauce, sugar and white vineger
Explain how the salt and calamari is prepared and served
Dusted in potato starch and tossed in the wok with course salt and pepper and green onions. The strips are placed on a bed of rice noodles.
What type of lettuce mix do we use for all salads that contain lettuce.
Red Leaf, Iceburg, Boston Bibb
List at least six ingredients in the Oriental Chicken Salad.
lettuce mix, shredded chicken breast, carrots, cucumber, jicama, snap peas
Describe the dressing that goes in the Oriental Chicken Salad
Changs House Vinaigrette, a light vingaigrette dressing
List at least six ingredients in the Warm Duck Spinach Salad
Spinach, Duck, red bell pepper, crispy rice noodles, almonds, pea sprouts, Mandarin oranges
Describe the dressing that goes in the Warm Duck Spinach Salad
Slightly warmed citris soy dressing.
List at least 6 ingredients in the Beef a la Sichuan
Beef, sesame oil, carrots, celery, Chang's sauce, chili paste, dark sauce, green onion
Explain how you educate the guest about beef a la sichuan
Tell them it is one of the spiciest dishes on the menu, and that the beef is cooked until very crisp.
What are the three seafood choices when ordering sichuan from the sea?
scallops, shrimp, or calamari
Describe how the cantonese roasted duck is prepared and presented on the plate.
Marinated for two days, then hung in our duck oven and roasted until crisp. Served with a side of hoisin sauce and plum sauce. Also Lotus buns are served alongside the duck.
What two vegetables are placed on either side of the cantonese roasted duck?
Julienne cucumbers and green onion
What other 3 items are served with the cantonese roasted duck
Hoisin Sauce, Plum Sauce, Lotus Buns
Explain the difference in texture of the double pan fried noodles, lo mein, and chow mein.
Chow Mein- soft egg noodles
Lo Mein- noodles are seared to make the crispy
Double Pan Fried- Noodles are cooke crisp to a dark brown, pancake style.
List the ingredients in the Lo Mein
Egg Noodles, carrots, celery, bok choy, black mushrooms, yellow onions, bean sprouts, green onions
What type of noodle is used in the singapore Street Noodles?
Rice Noodles
List at least 6 ingredients in the singapore street noodles
rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, green onions
Describe the unique flavor of the Singapore Street noodles
They have a unique tart and spicy flavor.
What two things accompany the mu shu dishes
chinese pancakes, and a side of hoisin sauce
Excluding the meats what are the 4 main ingredients in Mu Shu dishes?
woodear mushrooms, cabbage, dark sauce, bamboo strips
Describe how Mu Shu dishes are presented to our Guest.
Mu Shu arrives with Hoisin sauce and chinese pancakes, the server wrap the Mu Shu's for the guest.
List 5 ingredients and describe the flavor profile of the Spicy Gound Chicken and Eggplant.
Chicken, Japanese eggplant, Changs sauce, Dark Sauce, Chicken Stock

Tart and Spicy
What are the vegetables in the Cantonese Scallops or Shrimp?
snow peas and yellow chives
How would you describe Cantonese Scallops or Shrimp to a Guest?
A mild dish, good if the guest does not like spicy food.Yellow chives add a wonderful flavor to the dish.
Describe the vegetables and how they are prepared in the Oolong Marinated Sea Bass
The baby corn and spinach are wok tossed and seasoned with Dark sauce.
Describe how the Sea Bass is cooked.
Cut into 8oz portions and marinated in oolong tea for several hours, then broiled until the top is golden brown and the center is light and tender.
Describe the flavor profile of the Mango Chicken
A light sweet and tangy flavor, the sriracha adds a spicy kick to this dish.
List at least 6 ingredients in the Mango Chicken
Chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, garlic, ginger, mango diamonds, mango sauce
Give at least 5 ingredients in the Pin Rice Noodle soup.
Pork meatballs, shrimp, pin rice noodles, bean sprout, chili paste
Describe how the prok dumplings are prepared in the Pin Rice Noodle soup.
Made with the same mixture as the pork wontons in the wonton soup and peking dumplings.
Describe the flavor of the Pin Rice Noodle soup.
It has a very strong spicy and tart flavor profile.
How many different types of hot tea do we carry?
Give a brief description of each.
Citrus Spice-decaffeinated, blend of fruits and citrus spices
White Tangerine-scent of tangerines light fragrent
Tropical Green-light tea with flavors of pineapple and citrus peel
Organic Green-rich in anitoxidants, plum like flavor
Sweet Ginger Peach-decaffeinated, sweet with hints of peach
Dragon Eye Oolong-full bodied tea, bold flavored tea