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Who is the author of Overboard?
Elizabeth Fama
What made Peter the undisputed leader of the boys?
He could spit the farthest.
What subject did Mr. Grempkin teach at St. Norbert's?
What did Slank tell the boys they ate onboard when the food ran out?
What ship did Mack say was the only one able to outrun the Sea Devil?
the Wasp
Who is captain of the Never Land?
Cyrus Pembridge
What is the name of the huge man with the whip who prevents escaping sailors?
Little Richard
Who is Molly's governess?
Mrs. Brumbrake
Which ship is Molly's father sailing on?
the Wasp
In Molly's family, they only celebrate which birthdays?
even-numbered birthdays
What age did Peter and Molly agree they were?
How did King Zarboff the second die?
He was eaten by his son's snake
What was the most feared name on the Sea?
Black Stache
How long had Smee been the Sea Devil's first mate?
a year
What did Black Stache order the crew to throw overboard so the Sea Devil would be faster?
water barrels & Preston and Harbuckle
What did Peter and the guard see above the canvas wrapped cargo?
a rat floating in mid-air
What did Peter notice about Molly as she dragged him away from the cargo?
she had green eyes
What did Preston remember was the reason he went to sea in the first place?
he had never really liked his beloved wife
Why did Black Stache have his cabin boy walk the plank?
For touching his model ships
When trying to say hello to the porpoises, Molly actually said…
my teeth are green
What was the name of the lead porpoise?
Who saw Molly speak with the porpoises?
Peter and James
What name does Black Stache give the Wasp after overtaking it?
The Jolly Roger
What group does Molly tell Peter she is a part of?
the Starcatchers
How did Peter get back onboard The Neverland?
He flew
What did Black Stache offer to the man who spotted Peter and the trunk?
twenty gold pieces
Who helped the boys get onto the island from the dory?
How many fish were hovering around the trunk?
What did Alf tell the boys was the trick to talking to a savage?
Keep it simple
What did Fighting Prawn tell Tubby Ted they were going to do with them?
Feed them to Mister Grin
What did Crenshaw tell Black Stache he saw flying in the air?
The longboat
How much did Ammm weigh?
567 and one-half pounds
What did the mermaids call the trunk?
What did Slank find when he opened the trunk?
Who was in the longboat that Ammm was guiding when Molly was trying to figure out what to do with the box?
her father
What does Mr. Aster say is the only thing that can contain the power of the starstuff?
What did Mr. Aster say would have happened to most people who picked up the leaking box?
they would have died
Who did Black Stache stab?
Fighting Prawn
What did everyone else hear when the fairy talked with Peter?
Peter is the leader of the lost boys because…
He can spit the farthest.
Why is Molly Aster an important person?
She is the daughter of the ambassador to Rundoon.
Who is Mrs. Burmbrake?
She is Molly's governess.
Leonard Aster is the new ambassador to His Royal Highness, King of Rundoon. What is the King's name?
Zarboff the Third.
Who is the Captain of the Sea Devil?
Black Stashe
Why is the Captain called Black Stache?
He has a foot-long black mustache.
Who is the First Officer, second in command of the Never Land?
Who is the 1st to encounter the effects of a strange trunkbeing brought aboard the ship?
Fighting Prawn is the leader of the Mollusk tribe. He has a great hatred for what?
What do the sailots of the Sea Devil call their Capt. Behind his back?
Who brings food to the orphans on the Neverland?
Hungry Bob
How many years has Peter been at the orphanage?
7 years
What was the name of the orphanage?
St. Norbert's
Who brings Peter and the other toys to the boat?
Edward Grempkin
Who is Edward Grempkin?
2nd in command at St. Norberts
Edward Grempkin is a man of many _______________?
How did Grempkin define "stupid questions?"
As questions he couldn't answer
Can any of the orphaned boys swim?
Who is the captain of the Neverland?
Capt. Curus Pembridge
Who was the only woman Black Stache ever loved?
His ma.
What 2 things does Black Stache do to lighten the weight on the Sea Devil?
Throws off most of the water barrels and the two heavest pirates
What color are Molly's eyes?
What are sailor's garding on the Neverland?
A Trunk
What happened to Black Stache's cabin boy?
Black Stache made him walk the plank
Why did Black Stache make his cabin boy walk the plank?
For touching the captain's model ships
What is the head porpoise's name?
Were Molly and the porpoise's having a conversation?
Why does Peter call Molly a rat?
Because Molly threatened to tell Slank that Peter was tring to get into the locked room.
Black stache has a secret weapon, what does it involve?
An enormous black brassiere, called the "Ladies".
How does Captain Scott counter against the treat of the "Ladies"?
His archer shots the "Ladies" with a flaming arrow.
What in the the black trunck that Black Stache captured?
What is the task of the Starcatchers?
To watch for starstuff,and to get it, before it falls into the hands of the Others.
What is ONE of the powers that starstuff can give?
Flight, hear bells, feel wonderful, let one person control another person's feelings, intelligence,change an animal's body or intelligence, make ordinary men appear to be Gods.
Who told Molly that Black Stache had control of the Wasp?
After Black Stache takes over the Never Land, what does Peter do?
Pitch the trunk of starstuff overboard.
After Peter pushes the treasue trunk overboard, what does Molly do?
Molly jumps into the sea.
What happened to the hovering fish in the lagoon?
They were changed by the starstuff in the trunk
What is Little Richard afraid of in the jungle?
What is the name of the Island where Fighting Prawn is Chief?