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What helps to make your teeth strong?
Fluoride tooth paste and healthy foods
Is acne contagious?
What causes acne?
Excess sebaceous gland secretions
What is the top layer of your skin called?
How long should you brush your teeth?
Three minutes
What needs to be checked by the dentist every year?
Your teeth
Where is keratin found?
Your hair and nails
What can you do to smell better?
Take baths daily, wash your hair, wear clean clothes and wear deodorants or antiperspirants
What causes wetness under your arms?
Sweat glands
Where is keratin found?
Your hair, nails and skin
What are rotten teeth called?
What can grow to be five feet long if not cut?
Your hair
What needs trimed every week?
Your nails
What is the largest organ of the body?
The skin
What is the clear sticky film that forms on your teeth?
What two parts of your body grow by themselves?
Your hair and nails
What makes your hair shiny and a little bit waterproof?
Sebaceous (oil) glands
What makes your underarms smell bad?
Sweat glands
What aids in protecting your nail bed?
What makes the color of your hair and skin?