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What causes Rh incompatibility?
transfusion of Rh positive blood from a baby into an Rh negative mother
What can be used to prevent Rh incompatability?
• RhoGAM (anti-D globulin)
• antibodies against Rh
• prevents mother from developing antibodies
Which form of hemolytic anemia due to incompatibility is more severe and which is more common?
• Rh incompatibility is more severe
• ABO incompatibility is more common
Describe the APGAR score
• Heart Rate
- 0: absent
- 1: < 100
- 2: > 100

• Respirations
- 0: Absent
- 1: slow, irregular
- 2: good, crying

• Muscle tone
- 0: limp
- 1: some flexion
- 2: active motion

• Color
- 0: blue or pale
- 1: acrocyanosis
- 2: all pink

• Reflex
- 0: no response
- 1: grimace
- 2: crying, coughing
What is the purpose of the Dubowitz and Ballard exams?
• postnatal assessment of gestation age
• done by examination of external physical and neuromuscular characteristics
What is leukocoria?
• absence of red reflex
• can indicate retinoblastoma
What is choanal atresia?
a congenital disorder where the back of the nasal passage is blocked, usually by abnormal bony or soft tissue
What are causes of neonatal jaundice?
• ABO incompatability
• Rh isoimmunization
• genetic (Crigler-Najjar syndrome)
• hemorrhage
What is the treatment for neonatal jaundice?
• UV light therapy
• exchange transfusion
What is the definition of very low-birth weight and low birth weight baby?
• VLBW = < 1500 g
• LBW = < 2500 g
What should be given to a pregnant women whose is 27 weeks pregnant and in pre-term labor to increase the development of surfactant?
What is transient tachypnea of the newborn?
• self-limited; usually resolves within 72 hrs
• symptoms include mild retraction, flaring, grunting, crackles, mild hypoxia
• CXR: fluid in the fissue, hazy, hyperinflation, prominent vascular markings
• TX: antibiotics until pneumonia is ruled out; O2
What procedures are performed if meconium aspiration is suspected?
• aspiration
• endotracheal intubation with suctioning below the vocal cords
What are features of fetal alcohol syndrome?
• congenital heart disease
• developmental delay
• microcephaly
• short palpebral fissures
• short nose
• thin upper lip
What is TORCH?
• Toxoplasmosis
• Other (HIV, syphillis, varicella, parvovirus)
• Rubella
• Herpes Simplex
What is the most common autosomal chromosomal abnormality?
Downs syndrome (Trisomy 21)
What causes Downs Syndrome?
chromosomal nondisjunction during maternal meiosis
What are physical characteristics of Trisomy 18?
• cleft lip/palate
• congenital heart defects
• hernias
• hypoplastic nose
• narrow face
• prominent occiput
• rockerbottom feet
• short sternum
• small palpebral fissures