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What is the most common cause of cardiac arrest in children?
What is the definition of shock?
inadequate delivery of oxygen and metabolic substrates to meet the demand of tissue
Differentiate between compensated and decompensated shock
• Compensated shock: normal blood pressure
• Decompnesated shock: hypotension and often low cardiac output
What are ways to evaluate breathing by observation of the patient?
• increased respiratory rate (first sign in pediatrics)
• mechanics of breathing (work of breathing)
• decreased level of consciousness
• color of skin
What is the leading type of shock in children worldwide?
What is the most common cause of distributive shock?
sepsis or anaphylaxis
What percentage of blood volume can a child loss before going into uncompensated shock?
• 50% blood volume loss (Dr. Weiss said)
• 25-30% (according to powerpoint)
True/False: Pulse oximetry and blood pressure are good methods to evaluate breathing and circulation in a pediatric patient
The correct answers is: False
What are early signs of shock (compensated)?
• increased heart rate
• poor systemic perfusion
What are late signs of shock (decompensated)?
• altered mental status
• decreased urine output
• hypotension
• weak central pulse
What are the 3 phases of rapid cardiopulmonary assessment?
• physical examination
• classification of physiologic state
• priorities of initial management
What is the most common cause of respiratory problems in kids?
What is the most common cause of death in children beyond the first few months of life?
trauma (40% of deaths in 1-4 y/o)
What are the leading causes of trauma in children?
1. motor vehicle injuries
2. drowning
What is the leading cause of injury death in children under 1?
What are indications for endotracheal intubation in trauma?
• airway obstruction
• glasgow coma score of 8 or less
• need for prolonged ventilatory support (ex. thoracic injury)
• respiratory arrest
• respiratory failure