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What is a macule?
flat lesion up to 1 cm
What is a papule?
elevated solid lesion smaller than .5cm
What is a nodule?
palpable lesion deeper than a papule greater than .5cm
What is a patch?
flat spot greater than 1 cm
What is plaque?
elevated superficial lesion large surface area greater than its height
What is a pustules?
raised lesion with pus
What is a vesicles?
up to 1 cm, sircumscribed superficial elevation of serous fluid
What is a bulla?
1cm+ with serous fluid
What is a wheal?
firm, edematous plaques, evansecent and pruritic
What is an ulcer?
hole in the skin, loss of epidermis and dermus, may bleed or scar
What is a scar?
Wherever a wound or ulcer has occurred reflects healing
What is a scale?
abnormal shedding or accumulation of stratum corneum into perceptible flakes
What is a crust?
collection of dried serum and cellular debris
What is a fissure?
linear crack in the skin
What is an erosion?
loss of epidermis, moist, but doesn't bleed
What are comedones?
folloculocentric collenction of sebum and keratin, black and whiteheads
What is a burrow?
elevated channelin the superficial epidermis
What is a lichenification?
focal area of thickening prodcue
Which type of lesion blanches with pressure?
Which types of lesions don't blanch with pressure?
petechiae, purpura
What does nummular mean?
coin shaped
what deos livedo mean?
net like
WHat is a target?
dark,blistered center, pale surroundedby erythema
What are the ABCDEs of melanoma?
asymmetry, border irregularity, color varies, diameter >6mm, elevated