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What is the difference between cell division between unicellular and multicellular organisms?
for unicellular organisms, cell division is a means of reproduction

for multicellular organisms, it is a method of growth, development, and replacement of warn out cells
what is mitosis?
division and distribution of the cell's DNA to its two daughter cells such that each cell recieves a complete copy of the original genome
What are the stages of mitosis?`
what occurs during interphase?
each chromosome is replicated, after which the chromosomes consist of two identical sister chromatids held together by a centromere

individual chromosomes not visible

DNA is uncoiled and called chromatin
What are the four parts of interphase?
what occurs during the G1 phase of interphase?
initiates interphase

active growth phase

cell increases in size and synthesizes proteins

length determines length of whole cycle
what occurs during the S phase of interphase?`
DNA synthesis
what occurs during the G2 phase of interphase?
cell prepares to divide

cell grows and synthesizes proteins
What is the final phase of interphase?
what occurs during prophase?
chromosomes condense

centriole pairs separates and move towards the opposite poles of the cell

spindle apparatus forms between the centriole pairs

nuclear membrane dissolves, allowing spindle fibers to interact with the chromosomes
what occurs during metaphase?
fibers of the spindle apparatus attach to each chromatid at the centromere

chromosomes align at the center of the cell
what is the metaphase plate
center of the cell during mitosis
what occurs during anaphase?
centromeres split leaving each chromatid with its own centromere, separating sister chromatids

sister chromatids pulled to opposite poles of cell
what occurs during telophase?
spindle apparatus disappears

nuclear membranes reform

chromosomes uncoil
what occurs during cytokinesis?
end of telophase

cytoplasm divides into two daughter cells