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What is Parkinsons Disease?
It is a progressive degeneration of the neurons in the substantia nigra. This area of the brain produces dopamine. Dopamine trasmits msgs in the brain. In Parkinson, dopamine is deminshed due to the disease
What is the incidence of Parkinsons Disease?
1M in the USA: 3 out of 100 >60 yrs old, 15% < 50 yrs old. Affects men more than women
What is the etiology of Parkinsons?
-small percentage caused by intoxication of herbicides, inflammatin of the brain from encephalitis
-Majority of cases etiology unknown.
-theories include virus
-Heredity may be a cause
What are the Signs and Symptoms?
MS rigidity
tremors: intention and rest
change in gait and posture
affects speach
handwriting (micrographia)
loss of bal
loss of motor skills
difficulty swallowing, chewing
Sleep disturbances
What is the course/progression?
5 stages in mobility changes:
1.Unilateral: min functional impariments, major is the tremors
2.bilateral: W/O impairement to bal, mild disfunction to trunk mobility and postural reflexes: problems turning in bed and getting in/out of car
3.Bilateral:Bal, mild-mod functional impairments
4.Bilateral:Incraease impairment of bal, but still able to walk, of manipulations and dexterities (eating, dressing, bathing).
5.Bilateral: W/C bound
What is the Prognosis of Parkinsons?
NO cure!
Can slow it down.
What is the medical TX?
Meds (Levodopa) and surgery can relieve symptoms.
What are the precaustions/ contraindications?
Freezing triggered by doorways and elevators
Need to stand to relieve pressure sores
Care w/bending down (poor bal)
No rubber soles
Remove rugs
What are the OT Goals, TX, AE?
Maint or increase strength & ROM
Prevent contractures & deformaties
Improve coordination skills
Increase level of ADLs
Maint max level of mobility
Improve leisure participation
Exercise: TiChi, walking in water(Bal Exercise)
PROM & Splinting
AE:weighted utensils, scoop dishes, caps w/lids, wrist weights, fasteners
long handled shoe horn, reachers, electric razor/toothbrush,
ransfer bench, pressure release mattress, w/c cushion
head alignment.