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To examine with great care
Peruse (v)
To permeate throughout
Pervade (v)
the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
Like a rock, hard, stony
technically refers to the hard temporal bone that protects the inner ear
Petrous (adj)
Impatient, irritable
Petulant (adj)
A crass individual guided by material rather than intellectual or artistic values
Philistine (n)
Calm, sluggish, unemotional, stoic
Phlegmatic (adj)
Involving clever rogues or adventures
Picaresque (adj)
picture like, charming, quaint
Multi-colored, usually in blotches
Pied (adj)
To punish, hold up to public scorn
Pillory (v)
To yearn intensely, to languish, to lose vigor
Pine (v)
Extremely reverent or devout
Pious (adj)