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What are the four leading casues of neonatal meningitis?
listeria, GBS, e. coli, meningiceptica
What does ETEC cause?
watery diarrhea,self limiting
What does EPEC cause?
fever, malaise, vomiting, diarrhea, no gross blood
What does EIEC cause?
collitis, diarrhea, WBC and blood in stool
What causes EHEC?
What does EHEC cause?
bloody diarrhea w/o WBC, abd pain, may develop into HUS
What does EAggEc look like?
they adhere like a stack of bricks
What do EHEC produce?
shiga toxins
Which e. coli can lead to HUS?
What are the triad of symptoms of HUS?
hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, acute renal failure
What does the shiga toxin do in the blood stream?
attaches to receptors on renal endothelium, body tries to fix, uses fibrin, thrombocytopenia results
Should you give antimotility agents for e.coli diarrhea?
What is the most common cause of hospital acquired pneumonia?
e. coli
What are in tribe I?
e.coli and shigella
What is in tribe II?
What does Edwardsiella cause?
What does citrobacter cause?
nosocomial infections of urinary or respiratory tracs, diarrhea, meningitis, brain abscess
What are colonies of Klebsiella?
wet, mucoid heaped colonies
What cause currant jelly sputum?
What does klebsiella cause?
pneumonia, bronchitis, UTI, bacteremias, atrophic rhinitis, URTI
What causes swarming on BAP?
What does proteus cause?
UTI, wound infections
What is the cause of diarrhea from chitterlings?
What can cause blood transfusion sepsis?