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Fought Gilgamesh to a draw, then became his good friend.
Let's be friends, Kiddo.
Gilgamesh and Enkido went here after becoming friends.
Cedar Forest
A "Moses" character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, told him how to live forever.
Take a nap.
Bar maid who tells Gilgamesh to not worry about his problems. Drink instead!
Going to a bar is going to make you need to <i>uri</i>nate.
Enuma Elish means...
"When on High" - Akkadian
<i>Numa numa</i> kid raises his hands up. And prolly smokes a bit.
Enuma Elish goddess and her husband.
Tiamat & Aesu
Dragon Fables?
Ishtar was a goddess in ____.
______ was a goddess in Meso.
____ horny?
Ishtar wanted to visit her sister in the underworld and passes through seven gates. What happens to her?
She must pass through seven gates, taking off clothes at each. The underworld wants to keep naked Ishtar, and her husband does nothing.
What happened after Ishtar's father sent a bribe to set her free from the underworld?
She sends her husbands down for half of the year. When they are apart, the plants die. It's a fertility story.
The reason for the seasons.
Who were the main characters in Isis and Osiris, and what were their relationships?
Osiris - King
Isis - his wife
Seth - Osiris' brother
Horus - Offspring of Osiris-the-paneling & Isis
Uh... duh?!
What happened in the story of Isis and Osiris?
Seth put Osiris in a coffin and stuck it in the river. It floats down the river and gets stuck at a tree. Tree grows over it and then Osiris gets turned into paneling. Isis finds Osiris-the-paneling and is impregnated by him. Horus is born and then kills uncle Seth, who becomes god of the underworld.
Baál's ____ was also his ______ and was named ____.
Baál's <b>wife</b> was also his <b>sister</b> and was named <b>Anat</b>.
Eww! A small annoying flying creature!
Head of the pantheon in the Baál story, and his wife.
El and Ashera
Baál does battle with ___ [aka "___"].
Yam [aka "Sea"]
Baál is killed by ___.
Lost seven wives, didn't have any sons. El tells Kirta to find a wife in anotehr land. Makes and oath with Ashera claiming if he does heave a son he'll give her a ton of stuff. Ends early.
Daniel requests a son anmed Aquat.
Komesh was god of:
Baál was god of:
Marduch was god of:
Deuteronomistic theology
Do good, you're blessed. Do bad, you're screwed.
Names of Job's "friends."
Eliphaz - "You must have sinned."
Bildab - "You must have done something wrong, and so did your children!"
Zophor - "You're just straight-up EVIL!"
"the adversary," or "the accuser"
"just so" stories, or stories that explain the "way things are"
Hasatan / Satan is mentioned in...
Job, Zecheriah, and Chronicles [where he's first mentioned without the article "the"]
God reveals monotheism from ____ BC through ____ BC.
1,000 BCE to 2 BCE.