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Ezra and Nehemiah
both wanted the end of jewish assemmilation by the rest of the world.
demanded that the people of isreal divorce all non-native people and renounce their unfaithfulness
works to reestablish the sabbath and stop intermarrage.
is a divine gift from God
most important point in wisdom literature
ORDER the cration or mantaining of order is paramount
Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar
Job's friends that come to comfort him, latter they end up accusing Job of sinning and causing his own downfall.
writer of Ecclesiastes, litterally means teacher. is clinically depressed and finds the bad is vertually everything.
Doctrine of retribution
poeple who do good are rewarded, people who do bad are punished. challanged by Job and Ecclesiastes
prudental wisdom
deals with life and order, does not look at the meaning of life or anything outside mortal knowledge. proverbs
thheological wisdom
deals with life after death, the meaning of life, ect.
Job and Ecclesiastes.