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Hebrew word for day
Found 1480 times in the OT
Has 30-35 meanings
Hebrew for "son of/ descendant of"
"Woman's Seed"
Genesis 3:15
Ultimate victory to come by seed of a woman- 1st Messianic prophecy: "Seed" is sperm, not egg, so "seed of a woman" would have to come about supernaturally
Nephesh hayah
Hebrew for "living soul"
Enuma Elish
A humanized, fanciful account of gods created in man's image- Babylonian
Sumerian King List
Said before the flood people lived "thousands of years"
Ham's Sin
Homosexuality or Incest? Actually slept with his mother (his father's nakedness), so it was incest.
Gilgamesh Epic
World flooded, Utnaphistim saved
Creatio ex nihilo
Hebrew for "Created out of nothing"
Created out of nothing, and used only for God's purpose
Proof of creation comes from Microbiology- Mitochondrions are a sort of cellular power plant
A man of obedience. God commanded him to build the ark, and he did, following God's exact instructions. God blessed Noah, commissioning him to populate and possess the whole earth. Noah planted a vineyard, and his indulgence in intoxicating wine resulted in the breach of modesty causing the Ham issue.
meaning "He found life", presumably in reference to the gift of immortality given him by the gods after he survives the flood in the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh- another telling of the great flood. He is the wise king of a Sumerian city-state, and in the story, does exactly as Noah does in the Bible.
Meaning "To be high"- staged towers- 25 have been found- may be later types of the Babel Tower