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-small,flat,articular surface
-large,cylindrical articular surface
-a prominence upon a condyle
a grooved, pulley-like joint surface
a spiral articulating surface
a large depression
a groove
A proximal articulating prominence
A constricted area of bone just bt. its head and its body
An elongated hole
-an elongated ridge-like elevation
-a depression,usually larger than a fovea, more common than cavity
What are the 7 bones of the carpus?
Distal- Carpal bones I-IV
How many sesamoid bones are there in the thoracic limb?
What is differences in the cat vs. the dog?
1) hamate and suprahamate processes of the acromion
2) The presence of an ossified clavicle
3) the absence of a supratrochlear
4) the presence of a supracondylar foramen
What kind of and how many sesamoid bones are found in the metacarpophalangeal joints II-V?
1 proximal sesamoid dorsally & 2 present on the palmar aspect.
What is special about digits II-V of the metacarpal bones?
They have proximal phalanx and middle phalanx, where as digit I, fully proximal and distal phalanx
What are the 3 types of body joints?
2)cartilaginous-hyaline type & fibrocartilaginous
What are the three types of fibrous(synarthroses)?
1) Suture- skull
2)syndesmosis- ligamentous union bt. two osseous surfaces
3)gomphosis-socket joint of the teeth
Name the different cartilaginous joints?
synchondrosis (epiphyseal "growth" plate
union is composed of hyaline cartilage.
Gives some examples of fibrocartilaginous joints.
1) symphyses of the mandible and pelvis
2) intervertebral disks
3) unions bt. sternebrae
What are the most moveable of all joints?
synovial joints
All synovial joints possess what?
1)joint capsule
2)joint space
3)synovial fluid
4)indirect osseous contact by opposing hyaline cartilage surfaces.
5)Some synovial joints contain fibrocartilaginous
articular disks
The capsule of synovial joints has what type of layer
& membrane?
fibrous layer and inner synovial membrane
Synovial joints are either
_____ ______ or ______
simple, complex or compound
Synovial joints can be classified as ________, _______,_______,________,_________
1)Plane joints
2)Hinge joints(ginglymus)
4)Condylar(genual joint)
5)Ball and socket joints (spheroidal;enarthrodial)
7)Saddle joints-seen bt. phalanges
What type of joint is the humeral(shoulder) joint?
simple enarthrodial-glenoid cavity of scapula & head of the humerus
What type of joint is the Cubital(elbow)joint?
compound hinge-condyle of humerus & both the head of the radius & the trochlear notch of the ulna.
What type of joint is the Antebrachiocarpal joint?
compound ellipsoidal- the distal radius and ulna proximally
What type of joint is the midcarpal joint?
compound plane
What type of joint is the intercarpal joint?
simple plane-any two adjacent pair of carpal bones
What type of joint is the Carpometacarpal joint?
plane compound
What type of joint is the metacarpophalangeal joint?
simple condylar
What type of joint is the proximal interphalangeal joint?
simple saddle
What type of joint is the distal interphalangeal joint?
simple saddle