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name 4 examples of a health care facility
nursing home, doctors office, hospital, dentist office
what is used in plumbing systems to prevent contaminated water from mixing with non-contaminated water?
backflow or backsiphonage devices
what does OSHA stand for?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
what three things must be available in a washing facility?
running water, soap, and towels
what is OSHA's #1 concern
employee safety
when does OSHA use the "general duty cause"
when a particular standard cannot be applied
name at least three elements that should be included in the safety and health plan
inspections, exposure monitoring, record keeping
what does the OSHA act state?
every private sector employer of 10 or more workers maintain a workplace free of recognized hazards
name at least 4 areas of concern of a healthcare facility that the safety committee should be responsible for
floors, pharmacy, OR, lasers
what is the name of the federal agency responsible for enforcing health and safety standards?
name three things that non-potable water can be used for
clean floors, swimming pools, creeks
how often should food and beverage garbage be collected?
at least once every work day
poor or inadequate sanitation can lead to
infectious, parasitic diseases
who does OSHA consider employees?
part time, full time, probationary workers
name three OSHA violations in the healthcare system
bloodborne pathogens, eyewash protection, PPE
when is a good opportunity for employees to discuss safety and health concerns
safety meetings every month
what determines the number of toilets in a facility?
the number of workers in that facility
what is the significance of a change room?
to prevent contaminated clothing from leaving the facility
when must a tight fitting lid be provided for a receptacle
when that is they way to keep it sanitary
what needs to happen when vermin are detected?
name two places where food and beverages cannot be stored in a healthcare facility
where there are toxic materials or toilet rooms
how many years has OSHA been in existence?
give three examples of vermin
roaches, insects, rats
name three places microorganisms or microbes can be found
food, water, air
name three things potable water must be provided for
drinking, cooking, washing
what might happen to an employer if violations are ignored and an employee is seriously injured or dies?
could be fined, cited or criminal charges may be brought