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2, 4 DNP test
Aldehydes and Ketones
IF positive, a yellow-red color will appear.
Tollen's Test
IF positive, a silver mirror will form on the inside wall of the test tube.
Schiff's Test
IF positive, a violet-purple color will form.
Purpaid Test
IF positive, a purple-magenta color will form.
Jones Test
Primary and Secondary Alcohols
IF positive, a green color will form
Lucas Test
Tertiary Alcohols
IF positive, a later of emulsion will appear almost instantly.
Iron (III) chloride Test
IF positive, a blue, violet, purple. green, or red-brown color will appear.
Solubility in HCl Test
IF positive, the fishy like odor will disappear and the emulsion will disappear.
Solubility in a NaHCO3 Test
Carboxylic Acids
IF positive, carbon dioxide gas molecules will form (bubbles).
Alkaline Iron (III) Hydroxamate Test
IF positive, a distinct red-blue color will appear.
Bromine Test
Alkane OR Alkene/Alkyne
IF it is an alkane, there will be no color change in the regular daylight. However, in UV light, after breathing on the sample, blue litmus paper will turn red.
IF it is an alkene/alkyne there will be no color change whether the sample is in the regular daylight or under a UV light.
Acid Permanganate Test
Alkenes and Alkynes
IF positive, a brown-black precipitate will form.