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What do we call ghost teeth?
Regional odontodysplasia. Evidence of thi enamel and dentin with large pulp chambers.
What is erythroplakia?
Oral muucosa is red instead of white, (red spots). Instead of the epithelium getting thicker it gets thin. There is no keratin layer. This condition can also be premalignant.
True or False? Leukoplakia and erythoplakia are clinical terms that can be used as a diagnosis.
False!! These terms can't be used as diagnosis
Name the anomoly that causes intrinsic staining that can also be deposited in the skeleton of these individuals. can only be deposited during development.
If a person demonstrates vertical ridges on their finger nails, and purple polyginal puridit (elevated papule that can only be seen on the skin you might suspect?
Lichen Planus
Lack of cementum; it is either abnormal or absent. No sharpey's fibers, spontaneous exfoliation
Where is the common location of the talon cusp?
maxillary and mandibular anteriors
What is an aspirin burn?
Raised leukoplakia that feels grainy or granule. Patient sucked on aspirin, the acid mixed with the saliva which in turn burned the mucosa
What is an elongated pulp chamber with short roots
What is angular cheilitis?
Usually from Candida albicans, blisters on the commisure of the lip.
What is internal resorption?
When the tooth is resorbed from within. Etiology: Trauma such as an avulsion, results in bone loss.
What is a defect in enamel organic matrix formation?
Enamel hypoplasia
What is external resorption?
Short root that is resorbed from the outside.
What is dentinogenisis imperfecta?
When the enamel is normal but the dentin is abnormal. Dentin is responsible for the discoloration of the tooth. Pulp chambers and canals are missing
What is a defect in enamel mineralization (chalky white areas)
enamel hypocalcification
What is adontia?
Missing teeth. Most common are the laterals, maxillary central incisors and second mand. premolar
When two teeth develop too close together, it is called?
What is ectodermal dysplasia?
Sex-linked transmission from the mother that develops only in boys. Thin hair, adontia, no sweat glands, nails are disfigured.
What is transposition?
Mixed order of teeth
What is fusion?
One less than normal complement of teeth. The teeth fuse together.
What is dend in dente?
Tooth within a tooth. The enamel is deposited within the pulp chambrr due to the invagination of the enamel organ
What is gemination?
One more than normal compliment of teeth. Twinning, no x-ray is needed for diagnosis.
What is an abnormal root curvature caused by trauma during tooth formation?
What are supernumerary teeth?
Mesiodens (most common). Located between the maxillary central incisors at or near the midline. Extra teeth found in the dental arches
What is hypoplastic enamel?
When the enamel is discolored brown or black.
Too much flouride will result in?
Enamel flourosis
What occurs when there is a defect in the enamel of succedaneous teeth?
Turner's tooth. Etiology: An abcessed primary tooth infection. Pus is acidic which will demineralize enamel
As the tooth erupted the enamel is defected.What is this condition?
Ameliogenisis inperfecta: Imperfect enamel production, can be localized or generalized. Can also be genetic or environmental.Unless the dentin is exposed the pt in not in pain.
What does ameliogenisis resemble?
Hypocalicification. Difference: ameliogenesis is on every tooth
Why do teeth yellow as we age?
The enamel gets thinner as we age, dentin shines through because the enamel eventually becomes translucent
What is the difference between a relative and an absolute macodont?
Relative: A large tooth compared to the rest of the dentition
Absolute: A truly enlarged tooth
What is the mechanical wearing away of the tooth?
Abrasion. Pathologic process
What is toth to tooth wear?
Attrition. Physiologic process
What is fibromatosis gingivae?
Genetic trait. Individuals have a gene that causes gingiva to enlarge with dense irregular fibrous connective tissue. This is an autozomal disease(not effecting sex genes). Occurs in pairs of diploid cells. equally expressed in males and females
What is inflammatory papillary hyperplasia?
Developmental condition. Common under removeable appliances. Ex,dentures or partials. Cobblestone or cauliflower type appearance. Can occasionally be seen in patients with high depth in their arch.
Name the factors that signify mitosis?
1) Abnormal maturation pattern cells may exhibit hyperchromatism. Because they stain darker this means that they are geting more active.
2)Abnormal shapes of pleomorphism
3) increase in mitosis 4) basalar crowding and 5)abnormal mitosis
Name five forms of leukoplakia
Hyperkeratosis without dysplasia,
" with mild "
" with moderate "
" with severe "
carcinoma insitu-cancer in the mucosa
When do you leave leukoplakia alone?
If you don't see any factors you just see hyperkeratosis
Describe hyperkeraotsis with moderate dysplasia.
Starts from the basil layer goes half-way up then resumes normal maturation pattern.
Describe hyperkeratosis with severe dysplasia.
Any or all factors that go from top to bottom. Premalignant condition that will develop into cancer if not removed.
Whar is carcinoma-insitu?
Means cancer in place. Top to bottom dysplasia, that has not broken through the basement membrane. Once it becomes metastatic (breaks through fibrous tissue) it becomes difficult to treat.
Why does hyperkeratosis have to be investigated?
You can't tell what type it is by looking at it, it must be tested first.
chemical wearing away of teeth?
Erosion. Pathologic process reulting from acid , reflux disease
Describe hyperkeratosis with mild dysplsia.
You may see 1 or 2 in the basil layer. Epithelium will resume normal pattern.