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Three Factors allow jaws to accommodate 2 sets of teeth
1. chronological control of deciduous
2. permanent crowns are forming while deciduous teeth are being lost
3. 5-6 yr time lag btw developmental sequence and emergence of permanent molars
Order of Appearance of Deciduous
I1, I2, dM1, C, dM2
The first deciduous molar is
an anchor for posterior teeth
Roots of deciduous teeth complete...
12-15 months after occlusion
Takes ___ years to completely form (root apex)
Use Phase of deciduous teeth is
3-4 years
First tooth to form is
the first permanent molar
-first tooth to form
-M1 forms in utero
-M1 mineralizes @5 months
-M1 completes @ age 2.5
-M1 shows @ 6 yrs
-begins mineralization .5-1 yr
- completes crown @ 7 yrs
-mineralizes @ 7-13 yrs
-appears @ 18 yrs
M1-M3 Root apex completion totals about
12 yrs
It takes ___ yrs after the crown shows for the root to complete
_____ are the 1st permanent teeth to NOT be lingual
premolars - develop in roots of deciduous dM1 and dM2
Period of Mixed Dentition
6-13 yrs old
Change in dentition initiates @
6 yrs. w/ M1
3 Waves of Emergence for Permanent Teeth
6-7 yrs: M1, I1, I2
10-12 yrs: C, PM1, PM2, M2
17-20 yrs: M3
Mandibular before Maxillary
____ form arch and face
M1 and C
Shedding of Deciduous Teeth
1. spaces form btw deciduous tooth roots
2. deciduous teeth begin to drift apart
Deciduous tooth loss is mediated by
root absorption
-osteoclasts dissolve roots of deciduous teeth
failure to have a formed secondary/permanent tooth
-mand PM2 most common
-2nd max. lateral incisor
Most unstable tooth
Maxillary Lateral Incisor