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Who exercises overall management of the DON Directives Issuance System?
A change of command or change in activity title does not affect preciously issued directives.
When is it recommended to conduct periodic reviews of directives?
Annually, on anniversary date of the directive
What are the two types of directives?
Permanent and temporary
Explain Internal directives.
Internal directives are distributed to addressees within the issuing authority's organization.
Explain External directives.
External directives are distributed to the addressees external to the issuing authority's organization.
Depending on the purpose and use, a directive may be issued in the form of an __________?
instruction, notice or change transmittal
____________ are formal written guidance that informs and instructs DON personnel in the communications of policy and procedures in the performance of their duties.
This type of directive is issued to regulate or is essential to effective administration.
This directive establishes or revises policy, establishes the organizational structure and initiates or governs a course of action/conduct.
Examples of Permanent Directives include?
1. Regulates/essential to administration
2. Establishes/revises policy
3. Establishes/changes structure
4. Establishes procedure, technique, guide, method performing duty
5. Establishes form/reporting requirement
6. Assigns mission, function, task
7. Initiates/governs course of action/conduct
8. Delegates authority/responsibility
9. Changes, supersedes, cancels other directives
This type of directive is used to obtain quick and controlled dissemination and are normally issued as a notice.
Temporary directive
This type of directive include request for comments, approvals and information and directions for routinely carrying out established operations.
Examples of a temporary directive include?
1. Request for comments, approval, information
2. Directions for routinely carrying out established operations
3. Informative announcement
What are the exceptions where directives are not issued?
1. Navy Regulations
2. Top Secret documents
3. Registered publications
What is optional and may be issued as directives?
1. Operation plans/orders
2. Technical and regulatory manuals/publications
3. Issuances with fewer than six addressees
Changes to manuals/publications not in the directives issuance system are issued as regular manual or publication changes or revisions.
When information must be transmitted before a regular change/revision to the document can be published, what is issued?
A notice, preferably carrying a cancellation date of 6 months or less, may not remain in effect for longer than one year
Directives can be canceled by issuing authorities subordinate to the originator.
To cancel a single directive, usually for a revision, use the __________.
Cancellation paragraph
When canceling several directives, issue?
Consolidated list of the canceled directives in one notice.
What must the cancellation notice include from the directive being cancelled?
Must include all recipients
Cancellation notification via web site address is not authorized.
What is OPNAV 5215/8?
Directives Record Card
This form is used as a record-keeping tool to track actions taken on directives.
Directives Record Card OPNAV 5215/8
File instructions together, regardless of issuing authority, according to:
1. SSIC number
2. Consecutive number
3. Issuing authority
Master set of current directives should be maintained in ____________.
Binders or electronic media