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King of Edom who becomes an adversary to Solomon
King of Damascus who is an adversary to Solomon
He is the head of the corvee (forced labor) who becomes an adversary to Solomon.
1. Ahijah a prophet tears his cloak into 12 pieces and hands Jeroboam 10 meaning he will rule over 10 tribes and Rehoboam (Solomon's son) will rule over 1 tribe.
2. Asks Rehoboam to lighten the load of his people. Rehoboam rejects the advice of his elders and says that he will make their load heavier. Thus the Northern tribes secede. Rehoboam sends Adoram (head of corvee) but he is stoned and Israel makes Jeroboam king.
3. Made 2 shrines of golden calves and put them in Dan and Bethel.
4. A man of God proclaims the altar at Bethel will be told down, Jeroboam says to seize him, but his arm shriveled up.
a prophet who told Rehoboam to not fight against Jeroboam and he listened.
tells Jeroboam's wife who tried to disguise herself that when she returns to Israel her son, Abijah will die.