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What are 3 "signs" that God gives Moses for if Pharaoh doesn't believe him?
His rod will become a serpent
His hand can become leprous
He can turn water to blood
What are the plagues?
death to firstborn
What is determinism?
God chooses who is saved and we don't have a choice in that
What is the idea behind free will (in comparison to determinism)?
You are accountable to God with your actions, etc.
What is causistic law?
case law If (description of crime), then (penalty).
What is Lex talionis?
Law of Retaliation?
What is apodictic law?
Absolute law
You shall not (don't ever do...)
What were the purpose of burnt offerings?
to ask for forgiveness for everyone

all must be consumed by fire
What were the purpose of sin offerings?
To ask for forgiveness for a specific thing (something you did unintentionally or unwittingly)
What are the purpose of guilt offerings?
To ask for specific forgiveness. in this case it is sin against another

What were cereal offerings?
offerings of grain and rice that were offered something in a cake that was burnt
What are peace offerings?
offerings of thanks
a vow
usually offered in the form of a liquid
What kind of sin is there no atonement for?
Defiant sin or sinning with a high hand

ex: cursing God
what are Suzerians?
Highest of rulers, great kings, or priest

pretty much the guy with the most power
What are Vassals?
King over small territory (under suzerian)
What is the form of a Suzerian-Vassal Treaty?
1. Preamble-Intro (who are you?)
2. Historical Prologue
3. Stipulations- Have no other kings before me (parallels have no other gods before me)
4.Deposit (where to put the agreement) and Public Reading (when should it be read to the people?)
5.Blessings and Curses
What does Massah mean?
What does meribah mean?
What is the mountain that Moses ascends to go talk to the Lord and get the 10 commandments?
Mt. Sinai
What are the 10 commandments?
No gods before me
Do no make idols
do not take the Lord's name in vain
keep the sabbath holy
honor your father and mother
don't murder
don't commit adultery
don't steal
don't bear false witness against your neighbor
don't covet your neighbor's stuff
Who is Nadab?
The eldest of Aaron's 4 sons
Who is Abihu?
The second son of Aaron
What did Nadab and Abihu do?
They offered incense filled with a strange fire (not taken from the brazen altar) and they were struck dead by God
Who is Miriam?
The sister of Aaron and Moses
Who were the parents of Aaron and Moses?
Amram and Jochebed
Who is Joshua?
As the Israelites left Egypt on their exodus, Joshua was one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to reconnoiter the land of Canaan. Joshua and Caleb were the only two who had confidence that God would give Israel the land of Canaan despite its formidable inhabitants. Because of their faith God allowed Joshua and Caleb to enter the promised land, but he vowed that the others of Joshua's generation would die in the wilderness. God instructed Moses to designate Joshua as his successor. Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land.
Who built the golden calf?
What did Moses do when he saw the calf?
He broke the tablets that had the 10 commandments on them
How were the people punished that worshiped the golden calf?
The calf was burned and the ashes were spread on the water and they had to drink it. Also the Levites killed people as a consequence too.
What is Mt. Horeb?
The mountain that Moses called "Massah and Meribah" which is referred to as "the mountain of God" A rock was smited there to create water for troops.
Who was Moses married to?
A "foreign" woman
Why did Miriam get "sick" and have to be sent from the camp for 7 days?
Because she and Aaron didn't approve of Moses's "foreign" wife
Why were the spies afraid of the land of Canaan?
Because the people were big (reference to Nephilim)
Who is Korah?
He and Dathan and Abriam rebelled against Moses and the earth opened and swallowed up all those who rebelled Num 16
Who is Eleazar?
A son of Aaron that became a high priest (he's Levite)
Where was Miriam buried when she died?
In Kadesh
Where did Aaron die?
On Mount Hor when the Lord commanded for him to die (refer to Num 20)
Who is Balak?
A king of Moab that wanted Israel to be cursed and called for Balaam to do so.
Who is Balaam?
A man that was known for his curses that Balak employed to curse Israel; however, the Lord speaks to him and tells him not to do so and to do what he says. Balaam is the one who strikes his donkey when the donkey stops b/c the angel of the lord stands in their path. Upon beating him 3 times the donkey speaks to him and eventually Balaam eyes are opened to see the angel of the the lord
Who is Rahab?
the prostitutes that hid the Joshua's spies that were looking at the land of Shittim (Jericho)
What is the story of Rahab and the spies?
The spies hide in Rahab's house, and when the king asks for them to come out she hides them (on the roof) and denies that they are with her. she tells them that the canaanites are afraid of the israelites and then asks for them to not kill her when they come to take over jericho.
What was the sign that bonded the oath between Rahab and the spies?
A scarlet cord in the window which she let them escape through
How did the Israelites cross the Jordan?
Priests held the arc of the covenant in the middle of the jordan and the water stopped flowing until the priests had left the water and everyone had crossed
After crossing the jordan how many stones were used in the altar they built?
12 to signify the twelve tribes of israel
What is the town where all the israelites are circumcized before taking Jericho?
How did Joshua take over Jericho?
the Israelites in carrying the Ark around Jericho for six days, with priests carrying trumpets of ram horns. On the seventh day, the Israelites march around the city seven times. At the sound of the Israelite war cry, the walls of Jericho collapse, and the Israelites destroy the city and its inhabitants, all except Rahab. They are to refrain from taking any of the city’s religious items.
Who is Achan?
The guy who took loot from Jericho and disobeyed the command to not take anything. For this, he is stoned.
How did Joshua conquer Ai?
by ambush (see joshua chapter 8 for details)
What is the story of the Gibeonites and Joshua?
Fearful of the marauding Israelites, the people of Gibeon visit the Israelite camp in disguise, claiming to be travelers in the land and requesting peace with Israel. Joshua does not inquire with God and makes a hasty treaty with the men, only to discover later that the Gibeonites are natives of the land to be conquered. The Israelites refrain from attacking the city, but five other local kings attack Gibeon for making peace with Israel. The Israelites come to Gibeon’s aid and destroy the five armies. Joshua helps by commanding God to make the sun stand still during the fight. God listens and stops the sun’s movement—the only time in history, we are told, when God obeys a human.
Where was Joshua buried when he died?
In Ephraim
Why didn't the Lord drive out the nations that still inherited Israel's promised land?
Because the Israelites were not being faithful to the Lord (worshipping other gods, intermarrying, etc.)
Who is Ontheil?
A minor Judge. He received Caleb's daughter Acsah because he captured the town of Debir. Later he was called to be the judge of Israel to save them from Cushan-Rishathaim (king of Aram)
What is the cyclical pattern of Judges?
1. peopl do evil
2. Yahweh sends oppressor
3.people cry on Yahweh
4.he raises a deliver (or judge)
5. oppressor defeated
What is a shofet?
hebrew term for judge
Who is Ehud?
A judge of Israel
When the Israelites’ continued worship of the Canaanite gods leads to an invasion by the nation of Moab, God sends Israel a left-handed man named Ehud to be its deliverer. Ehud visits the Moabite king and offers to give the king a secret message from God. When the king dismisses his attendants, Ehud draws a sword strapped to his right thigh and plunges it into the obese king, killing him. Ehud escapes and leads the Israelites in regaining control of the Jordan River valley.
Who is Shamgar?
A judge who sturck down 600 Philistines with an ox-goad
Who is Deborah?
A prophet named Deborah emerges as Israel’s new judge after Israel returns to evil and is invaded by a mighty army from the north. Counseling Israel’s tribes under a great tree, she calls for an insurrection, and, together with God’s help, the Israelites defeat the king’s 900 chariots, sending the Canaanite general, Sisera, into retreat. When Sisera seeks refuge in a local woman’s tent, the owner, Jael, lures Sisera to sleep and kills him, hammering a peg into his skull. Deborah recounts the victory in a lengthy song, extolling God as a warrior and herself as the “mother in Israel”
Who is Gideon?
Saves from the Midianites. Gideon tears down his father’s altar to the god Baal, and the Israelites respond in droves to his call to fight. God demands fewer men for the battle, and, in a test, Gideon leads the men to a river to drink. Those who cup their hands to drink are sent home, and the remaining three hundred men who lap the water with their tongues are chosen for God’s army. Spying on the enemy troops at night, Gideon overhears a Midianite soldier tell his friend about a dream in which a small loaf of bread was able to knock down a large Midianite tent. The friend interprets the dream as a sign that Midian will be defeated by Israel. Gideon and his few men surround the camps, and—with the sound of trumpets and broken jars—the Israelites emit such a clamorous war cry that the Midianites turn and slay each other. Israel attempts to make Gideon its king, but Gideon refuses, proclaiming that God alone is ruler of Israel.
Who is Abimelech?
Gideon's son who serves 3 years as Israel's King. His tyrannical reign ends when a woman throws a millstone on Abimelech’s head. (see chapter 9 of Judges)
Who is Tola?
A minor prophet that after the reign of Abimelech led Israel for 23 years
Who is Jair?
A minor judge that led Israel for 22 years
Who is Jephthah?
Pressured by the Philistines from the east and the Ammonites from the west, Israel turns from its idol worship and God selects a new judge, Jephthah, the son of a prostitute, to challenge the Ammonites. Jephthah promises God that, if he is victorious, he will sacrifice to God the first thing that comes out of his house the day he returns from battle. Upon devastating the Ammonites, Jephthah returns home to see his daughter emerge from his house, dancing, to greet him. Jephthah laments his promise, but his daughter encourages him to remain faithful to God, and Jephthah kills the virgin girl.
Who is Ibzan?
minor judge led for 7 years
Who is Elon?
minor judge 10 years
Who is Abdon?
minor judge 8 years
What is the order of the judges?
Who is Samson?
The last judge of Israel. He was born to a couple that was childless and prayed to the Lord. He was a Nazarite. He was given exceptional strength (so long as his hair wasn't cut)
What is the story of Samson and his first wife (the Philistine woman)
Contrary to his parents’ urging, Samson chooses a Philistine woman to be his wife. During the wedding ceremony, he baffles the Philistines with a riddle, the answer to which they discover only when Samson’s wife reveals the answer to them. Samson burns with anger and goes home without his wife, but when he returns to retrieve her, the Philistines have given her to another man. Samson captures three hundred foxes and ties torches to each of their tails, setting the Philistine crops ablaze. When the Philistines pursue Samson, the Israelites hand him over to his enemies, bound at the wrist. With God’s power, Samson breaks his bindings and uses the jaw-bone of a donkey to kill a thousand Philistine men.
What is the story of Samson and Deliah?
Three times, Delilah asks Samson the source of his power, and Samson lies to her each time, duping the officials in their attempts to subdue him. After a while, Samson tells her the truth, informing her that his long hair is the source of his strength. While Samson is asleep, Delilah has his hair cut and alerts the officials, who capture him and gouge out his eyes. In prison, Samson’s hair begins to grow again, and, during a Philistine religious festival, the blind Samson is brought out to entertain the crowds. Samson asks his servant to guide him to the pillars of the arena, and—crying out to God—Samson knocks down the pillars of the temple, killing the Philistine rulers.
NOTE to alli and anna
review micah and the danites a little at
What is the story of the levite and his concubine?
Without a judge, Israel becomes even more corrupt. One day, a man and his concubine are accosted while spending the night in the Israelite tribe of Benjamin. When a gang of Benjamite men demand to have sex with the man, he offers them his concubine instead, and the men rape her repeatedly throughout the night until she dies. Enraged, the man brings the concubine home and cuts her into twelve pieces, sending a piece to each of the twelve tribes of Israel as a symbol of Israel’s corruption. The rest of Israel rallies together in opposition to the tribe of Benjamin, and, with God’s help, the united tribes kill more than 25,000 Benjamites. Israel grieves for its lost tribe and helps the remaining Benjamites repopulate their land.
What is the story of the birth of Samuel?
Elkanah had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. H was barren, but P was fruitful and teased H because of it. H prays to the Lord for a child and promises to dedicate his life to the Lord.
Who is Elkanah?
The father of Samuel
Who is Hannah
the mother of Samuel
Who is Peninnah
the 2nd wife of Elkanah
When is Samuel dedicated to the Lord?
After he is weaned?
Who does Samuel live with?
Eli the priest
Why were Eli's sons wicked?
they were asking for pieces of a sacrifice before it was given to the Lord and they were sleeping with the women who guarded the shrine
What is the story of the Philistines capturing the ark?
The Philistines conquered the Israelites, took the ark of the covenant, and Eli's two sons died in the process. Eli dies when finding the covenant is gone. The Philistines take it back and when placing it in their temples their god Dagon falls and bows down to it. The Philistines get sick with bubonic plague from having the ark. They give the ark back to israel by sending it with a guilt offering to Beth Shemesh.
Who is Hophni and Phinehas
the sons of Eli
What does Ichabod mean?
No glory. he is named when he was born after the ark was taken.
What was the guilt offering that the Philistines sent?
models of tumors and rats
What is the story of Saul becoming King?
God tells Samuel who should be king, and the following day, a man named Saul appears before Samuel, inquiring about some lost donkeys. Samuel pours oil over Saul’s head to anoint him as king, and God provides a series of mystical signs to assure Saul that he should be king. Saul, who is a head taller than the average man, pleases the Israelites as king and leads them in rescuing an Israelite outpost from invasion.
Who is Jonathan?
The son of Saul. In Samuel 13 and 14 it accounts of him attacking the Philistines. During the battle again them, Saul commands for no one to eat until they have victory or else he will die. Jonathan eats honey in the forest, but is pardoned from death. He also eats bloody meat when they attack the Philistines, eating their "plunder." The major role he plays in Samuel is being the friend of David and helping protect him.
Who is Saul's wife?
Who is Saul's oldest daughter?
Who is Saul's youngest daughter?
What actions of Saul confirm the Lord's rejection of him as King?
He refuses to destroy the Amalekites in total

Also, prior to this when the Israelites began to fight the Philistines, Saul made an offering without waiting for Samuel.
Who is Jesse?
The father of David?
What is the story of Samuel choosing David to be King?
Samuel goes to Bethlehem to visit Jesse and as he looks at all his older sons, they seem fit to be kings, but the Lord instructs Samuel to not consider outward appearance, instead the heart. Samuel is eventually shown David, the youngest in the family and a shepherd, and the Lord instructs Samuel that David is to be chosen
How does David gain favor in Saul's eyes?
He played music for him
What's the story of David and Goliath?
The Philistines again threaten to attack Israel, this time taunting Israel with their new hero, Goliath—a giant more than nine feet tall. Saul and the Israelites tremble in fear, but David, arriving to deliver food to his brothers, offers to fight the giant. Refusing the king’s armor, David publicly invokes God’s help and kills Goliath with a single stone shot from his sling. The Israelites attack the retreating Philistines, and Israel returns home to the sound of women singing praises of David’s victory.
What is the story of Saul's jealousy for David?
Saul is jealous of david's military success so he tries to plot to kill him. After attempting to kill David with a spear, Saul sends David on a suicide mission to kill a hundred Philistine men and bring back their circumcised foreskins. He comes back with twice the amount and he marries Michal. Saul orders his house to kill David, but with Michal's help of claiming he is ill and creating a dummy to lay in his bed, he escapes the house with the help of Jonathan.
Who is Ahimelech
A priest at Nob who helps David. In turn, Saul kills him and his family (Abithar escapes) for being on the side of David.
Who is Abithar?
The son of Ahimelech that escapes the wrath of Saul
What is the story when David first spares Saul's life?
Saul was peeing in a cave when David sneaks up on him, cutting a piece of his robe (which he regrets). His followers encourage David to kill Saul, but David does not because he does not want to hurt anyone who has the Lord's annointing
What is the story of Nabal, Abigail, and David?
When David enter the Desert of Maon they arrive on Nabal's property, but Nabal fails to greet them with the proper customs of the time. For doing so, David threatens to kill Nabal; however, his life is spared by Abigail's kind greeting to David. When Abigail tells him what happened, Nabal becomes like a stone and dies soon after. After his death, David sways her to be his wife.
What is the story when David spares Saul's life for a second time?
David comes upon Saul and his men when they are sleeping and steal his spear and water jug. Once again, although David is given the opportunity, he refuses to kill one of the Lord's chosen people.
Who is Achish?
The king of the Philistines that David resides with while he is fleeing Saul. (see chapter 27 of 1 Sam.)
What is the story of Saul and the witch of Endor?
Even though Saul had outlawed any kind of magic, he goes against his law and visits a witch to conjure up the spirit of Samuel. When she does so, Samuel predicts that David will take Saul's place, and predicts his and his son's deaths.
What is the summary of the last two chapters of Samuel?
David and his men head out to fight the Amalekites, and David succeeds in destroying the warring nation. In the meantime, Saul leads Israel into a losing battle with the Philistines, and Saul’s sons, including Jonathan, are killed. Saul commands his armor-bearer to kill him, but the boy refuses, and Saul falls on his own sword and dies.
What are the 3 days of pilgrimage?
Feast of Tabernacle
What is the Tetrateuch
Gen, Exod, Lev, Num
What are the arguments for Moses writing the Pentateuch?
Jewish tradition of Mosaic authorship
Jesus quoted Moses, therefore that proves Moses wrote the pentateuch
More than one author destroys biblical inspiration
anonymity destroys inspiration
What are arguments against Moses writing the Pentateuch?
Pentateuch is a late tradition
Jesus never said Moses wrote the whole pentateuch
The four gospels are inspired and they have different authors, which means that the pentateuch could sill have more than one author and be inspired
Anonymity doesn't destroy inspiration because Hebrews is anonymous and still regarded as inspired
What is herem?
everything is subject to being destroyed (in war)
NOTE to anna and alli
have a discussion over Joshua not conquering all the land (see lecture notes)
What does Ai mean in Hebrew?
What is a judge in the biblical sense?
Some judges actually heard cases (like in our modern sense of judge, eg. Deborah)
they are a savior or deliver for israel
What are theological themes of Judges?
be faithful
yahweh saves
God is sovereign
What was the traditional israelite custom to be a priest?
you needed to be a levite (specifically a descendant of aaron)
How was Israel governed before the monarchy?
No central ruler other than God. Everyone was governed by leaders or local judges.
Why did Israel want a king?
-chaos in the judges period
-corrupt religious officials (eg. eli's sons)
-inadequacy of league (being able to raise an army, etc.)
Who is Ahinoam?
A wife of David
Who is Jezreel?
A wife of David
Who is Ishbaal?
A son of Saul. 2nd king of Israel. Ish-bosheth was proclaimed king over Israel by Abner, the captain of Saul's army. However, another faction proclaimed David king, which led to war. David's faction eventually prevailed against Ish-bosheth's, but the war did not come to a close until Abner joined David. David's condition to return to him his wife Michal before peace could be made, was fulfilled by Ish-bosheth, but it was not until after Abner's death that Ish-bosheth seems to have given up hopes of retaining his power. Ish-bosheth was killed by two of his own captains, Rechab and Baanah, who had expected a reward from David; he instead punished the murderers as traitors, and buried Ish-bosheth in the grave of Abner at Hebron.
Who is Abner?
is the commander of Saul's army. that first gains support of Ishbaal as king, but eventually he switches to David's side and gets people to support him. He is eventually killed by Joab because he was revenging his brother's, Asahel's, death.
Who is Asahel?
The brother of Joab that was killed by Abner
Who is Zeruiah?
David's sister
Who is Abishai?
The oldest son of Zeruiah, he helped control David's army. He also slew the giant Ishbi-benob, and saves David (2 Sam. 21:15-17)
Who is Amnon?
The oldest son of David. He slept with his half sister Tamar, and then rejected her. He was eventually killed by his half brother Absalom.
Who is Absalom?
The third son of David. He killed Amnon. After killing his brother he flees to live with his mom's dad in Geshur. Eventually, David permitted Absalom's return to Jerusalem, although two more years would go by before the king agreed to meet with him.Absalom then made his move, not merely to succeed his father as king, but to replace his father while he was still reigning. Through scheming politics, he managed to gain the support of a large portion of the people. Absalom then moved to Hebron, the previous capital city of Judah, and declared himself king - thereby triggering a civil war between himself and his father. David fleed and Absalom took over the throne in Jerusalem. During a battle against his father's army, Absalom was riding on a donkey and his hair got intertwined in the branches of an oak. Joab, one of David's commanders, then ran Absalom through with 3 javelins.
Why did Abner change sides?
Ishbaal accused him of sleeping with his dad's concubine, Rizpah, and Abner was fed up with his loyalty being mistreated. he realizes that David is the chosen one to rule over Israel
Who is Baanah? and Rechab?
the men that kill Ishbaal
Why did Michal scorn David?
She was ashamed and embarrased by him dancing in a linen ephod before the Lord when the Israelites were having a parade for the arc of the covenant. she was punished by being barren for the rest of her life
Who is Nathan?
He was a prophet that lived during the reign of David. he chides David for his actions with Beersheeba by telling a parable of a wealthy man who steals a poor man’s only prized sheep. David is outraged by such selfishness, and Nathan informs David that the parable is about him
What is the story of David and Beersheba?
One day, David watches a woman bathing from the rooftop of his palace. He summons the woman, Bathsheba, and has sex with her, and the woman becomes pregnant. Unable to disguise his indiscretion, David sends her husband, Uriah, to die on the battlefield. David marries Bathsheba, but Nathan confronts the king about his wrongdoing. Nathan tells a parable about a wealthy man who steals a poor man’s only prized sheep. David is outraged by such selfishness, and Nathan informs David that the parable is about him. Nathan predicts that God will bring calamity on David’s household. David repents for his wrongdoing, but, despite his fasting and praying, Bathsheba’s son dies during childbirth. Afterward, David and Bathsheba have another son, Solomon.
Who is Mephibosheth?
a son of Jonathan. He was lame in both feet. Because of his relationship to J David took him into his house.
Who is Joab?
Nephew of David. After leading the assault on the fortress of Mount Zion, he was promoted to the rank of General. He led the army against Syria, Ammon, Moab and Edom. Joab played a pivotal role as the commander of David's forces during Absalom's rebellion. David could not bring himself to harm his son, and ordered that none of his men should kill Absalom during the ensuing battle. However, when a man reported that Absalom had been found, alive, caught in a tree, Joab ordered his men to kill him In addition to the murder of Absalom, Joab also murdered Abner son of Ner against David's wishes. David later replaced him as commander of the army with his nephew, Amasa. Joab later killed Amasa.
How does Joab die?
Near David's death, he told Solomon to have Joab killed citing Joab's past betrayals and the blood that he was guilty of, and for this Solomon ordered his death by the hand of Benaiah. who then replaced him as commander of the army. Joab was buried in 'the wilderness'. It is interesting to note that Joab fled to the Holy Temple and told Benaiah that he will die there. Benaiah, as ordered by King Solomon, kills Joab in the House of the Lord.
Who is Amasa?
The nephew of David that is put in command of the army instead of Joab
Who is Zadok?
A high priest in the rule of David and also during Soloman
Who is Ahithiophel?
He promoted Absalom and told him to sleep with David's concubines. He eventually hanged himself 2 Sam. 17:1-23
Who is Abiathar?
A high priest that sided with David. Abiathar was deposed (the only historical instance of the removal of a high priest) and banished to his home at Anathoth by Solomon, because he took part in the attempt to raise Adonijah to the throne.
Who is Adonijah?
The fourth son of David. When his father was dying he made himself king, however to the persuasion of Beersheba, Soloman is made King. Adonijah fled and took refuge at the altar, and received pardon for his conduct from Solomon on the condition that he showed himself "a worthy man" Although he makes a 2nd attempt at the throne by asking for Abishag as wife and is killed.
Who is Abishag?
The beautiful virgin that serves David to keep him warm
Why did Joab die?
because he supported Adonijah
Who did Soloman marry?
the Pharoah's daughter
Who did Soloman get all his wood from?
The King of Hiram of Tyre (Lebanon)
why did the Lord get angry at Soloman?
because he was not faithful to him and started celebrating the gods of all the foreign women he married
Who ceded Soloman?
His son Rehoboam
Why did the Israelites reject Samuel as being their king?
Because he was not a warrior
Who was Nahash?
Ammonite oppressor
What were Saul's 4 sins that led to God's spirit departing him?
1. Illicit Sacrifice
2. violated hollywar
3. Murders priests
4. Sought medium
What occurred at the battle of Gilboa?
Isreal was defeated, saul and his three sons were killed.
What were some signs that Saul was still held in high regard at the time of his death?
- The people of Jabash/ Gidiad snuck in to retreave Saul and his sons bodies to perform a proper buriel
- David Lammented Saul's death: "How the might have fallen"
When Ishbosheth was king, where was his capital?
Mahanaim in Transjordon
Who was Ishbosheth's captain?
Why did David make Jerusalem the capital?
- central
- neutral
- strategic
- royal estate
The priest Abiathar was from where?
Eli's house. Shiloh-North
The priest Zadok was from where?
Aaron's house. Hebron-South
What is documentary hypothesis?
Literary analysis shows that the Pentateuch was not written by one person.Briefly stated, the Documentary Hypothesis sees the Torah as having been composed by a series of editors out of four major strands of literary traditions.
What are characteristics of J (Yahwist)?
Uses Yahweh before the time of Moses
-concerned with promise and fulfillment
-Presents anthropomorphic God
-Prefers to use the name Sinai (as opposed to Horeb)
-950 BC
What are the characteristics of E (Elohist)?
-Uses the name Elohim before the time of Moses
-emphasizes angels and God revealing through dreams and visions
-Very fragmentary, not many passages
What does RJE stand for?
Redactor one of the four documentary hypothesis
What are the characteristics of D (Deuteronomist)?
-preaching tone
-appealing to the heart
What are characteristics of P (Priestly Redaction)?
Uses Elohim until Abraham in Gen 17 then uses El Shaddi from Abraham until Moses and after then Yahweh is used
-very orderly
-divided into two sections