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wrestled God- do not eat the meat from an animals hip. Blesses Ephraim instead of Manassa. Cheated (leah, rachel)-tensions bt Isreal and Syria
Human sacrifice
travelers, Foreigners call them dusty ones
Sons: Ephraim, Manassa
Mark of protection; 7 fold vengeance
Genesis 6:1-4
no having sex with Gods
Noah's sons
Shem, Ham, and Japheth (genesis 10)
Stratified Society
Gods, king, priest, freemen, slaves
Jacobs ancestors were..
Why study the OT
1. It is God's word
2. The NT is the fulfillment of the OT
3. It shows us what it means to be the people of God
4. It provides us with a pattern for living (study God’s laws)
5. It helps us in evangelism
6. It is the foundation for Western Civilization
Genesis 1+2 similarities
1. Both begin with a temporal clause
2. In both stories God created (only 1 god)
3. Humanity was most important
Genesis 1+2 differences (1)
1. Order of Plants, animals, humans (male and female
2. Speaking into being
3. God is transcendent
4.Majestic style
5. Formulaic language
Lord- lower case
Genesis 1+2 differences (2)
1. Order of Man, plants, animals, humans2.
2. man created by hand
3. God is anthropomorphic (human form)
4. Narrative style
5. word plays- adam/adamah=man/ground (taken from)

LORD caps