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What is the popular rhyme used to remember the spelling of ei and ie words?
I before e, except after c, or when sounded as EH, as in neighbour and weigh.
What is the general rule for using a comma?
When in doubt, leave it out.
As a general rule, you should always capitalize proper nouns and words that begin in a sentence. True or False
Contains words that have the same meaning (synonym) and opposite meaning (antonym) and can be used to enhance your communication.
Describe the meaning and give an example of gender-inclusive language.
Language that does not exclude or make assumptions about either gender. Ep,, Flight Attendant, Paper Carrier, Actor etc.
What are 2 types of buisness accounts available at most financial institutions?
Current Account ( Buisness Checking Account)
Buisness Interest Account
If you make a mistake while issuing a check, write the word__________ acrross the check and draw a diagonal line through it.
Name 2 types of check endorsements.
Restruictive Blank Special
A bank reconciliation statement can be used to locate and identify discrepancies in a statement of account. True or False
Why do companies maintain a Petty Cash Fund and what is the maximum amount of money usually available in the fund?
To pay for small purchases such as postage stamps, taxi fares etc.
Usually maximum of $100