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Office Ortho Adult Med
Office Ortho Adult Med
Define DeQuervain's stenosing tenosynovitis
pain over palm. Radial side. tenosynovitis of 1st dorsal extensor of wrist. Dx with Finklestein's test. Tx with spica splint, nsaids
Define Dupuytren's contracture
hyperplasia of palmer fascia, Nodular thickening leading to contractures. Affects 2 little fingers most, hard laborers, hx etoh. Tx surgical release. Doesn't allow to pull fingers back
Define flexor tenosynovitis "trigger finger"
finger locks in bent position, nodular thickening in lagament on flexor surface ' pully system, thumb or ring finger or middle finger, hear snapping, pathology in MCP joint
Define lateral epicondylitis
"tennis elbow", overuse (electricians, carpenters, etc.) px with gripping, extension, supination. tx ice, arm band
Define carpal tunnel syndrome
compression of median nerve, px and parasthesias of median nerve distribution, atrophy of thenar. Phalen's, tinnel's, compression and EMG tests. tx ice, nsaids, splint, surgery
Define subacromial bursitis
sudden onset, tender, swelling, px, ROM okay but worse 60-100*, inflamation below acromian in bursa. Dx MRI
Define rotator cuff tendonitis
non specific px, abduction impaired, more nocternal, chronic impingement. Dx MRI
Define calcific tendonitis
ca+ deposits in rotator cuff tendons (supraspinatus), more females than males. Dx x-ray
Define shin splints
micro tears of muscular fibers at bony insertions of distal 1/3 of leg. Over use, running on hard surfaces. Tx rest, ice, etc.
Define Osgood-Schlatter
partial avulsion or micro fx causing tibial tuberosigy or apophysis growths in young athletes, more males. Tx stop aggravating factors, rest, ice, nsaids
Define chondromalacia patellae
degenerative or softening of cartiledge in knees. anterior knee pain, patellar subluxation
Define ligamentous ankle injuries
most common anterior talio-fibular lig. Inversion injury from rolling or turning out. Test by anterior drawer.
Define plantar fascitis
inflammation of plantar fascia on sole of foot. worse in morning. sometimes splints, orthotics rarely surgery helps.
Define morton's neuroma
perineural fibrosis of digital nerve as it passes between metatarsal heads and 3rd web space. px when walking, plantar px, dysethesias.
Define radiculopathy
px that radiates along dermatones; segmental motor or sensory sings associated with a nerve root disorder.
Define Myelopathy
syns and symptoms of spinal cord disease (hyper DTR's and + babinski, spastic muscles)
Explain what the following PE findings may indicate during ROM of the neck: localized ipsilateral neck px towards side of head
zygoapophyseal (facet) irritation
Explain what the following PE findings may indicate during ROM of the neck: ipsilateral radiating pain to the shoulder
Explain what the following PE findings may indicate during ROM of the neck: contralateral neck pain
ligamentous or muscular source of pain
Explain what the following PE findings may indicate during ROM of the neck: loss of triceps relex
Explain what the following PE findings may indicate during ROM of the neck: loss of biceps reflex
DTR C5-6
Identify different 1. mechanisms of cervical soft tissue injuries 2. complications, and 3. tx strategies
1. MVC's, hyper-extension, hyperflexion. 2. dislocatoins, fx, avulsions, traumatic spondylolesthesis, facet dislocations, compression fxs 3. collar's, ice, heat, early mobilization, meds
Identify the following regarding acute cervical disk herniation: 1. frequency by sex 2. most common age 3. most frequent spinal level involved
1. Males more than females 5:1 2. 40's 3. C6-7 on left and C5-6 on right
Identify symptoms of acute cervical disk herniation and PE findings that support dx.
neck px, radicular sxs, fasiculations, atrophy, weakness in myotome distribution of spinal root, loss of DTR's
What is tx for acute cervical disk herniation
analgesics, soft collars, cervical traction, surgery if MRI shows collapse cervical disc with root compression
Identify the following regarding the thoracic spine: 1. frequency/nature of fx due to osteoporosis 2. managment
1. T-10-12, wedge shaped and stable. 2. ?
Define spinal stenosis with causes
facet joint degeneration Narrowing of spinal canal: with spurring, multi-level disc degeneration, spondylolesthesis, congenitally narrowed canal.
Define pseudoclaudication
pain with standing, walking and extension of spine
What are red flags from hx that suggests it's serious:
1. fx 2. tumor 3. infection 4. cauda equina syndrome