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The idea of one large land mass was also know as.
pg 40
The idea of one huge ocean was called.
pg 40
Alfred Wegener in 1912 came up with the idea of moving continents. This idea was also called what?
Continental drift
pg 40
The study of Earth's ancient magnetic filed.
pg 45
The degree to which a magnetite particle points into Earth is called what?
Magnetic dip
pg 45
A continuous underwater mountain range that winds through every ocean basin in the world and resembles the seam on a baseball.
Mid-Ocean ridge
pg 48
The sea floor is oldest at the the mid-ocean ridge, and is younger as you move further away. True or False
pg 50
Explain the movements of the the following plate boundaries. Divergent, convergent, and Transform.
Divergent - move away from each other
Convergent - plates aproach each other
Transform - plates slide past each other
pg 54
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, East Africa Rift Valleys, Red Sea, Gulf of California are examples of what kind of plate boundaries.
pg 57
Andes Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Aleutian Islands, Mariana Islands, Himalaya Mountains, and the Alps are examples of what kind of plate boundaries
pg 57
Is it a faster or slower spreading mid-ocean ridge that produces broader and less rugged segments?
pg 58
This scale is increasingly used instead of the well known Richter Scale and is represented by the symbol Mw
Moment magnitude scale
pg 58
When you have Oceanic-Contintental convergance, which one becomes subducted?
pg 59
The San Andreas Fault is what kind of boundary?
pg 62
The areas where mantle plumes come to the surface are called what?
pg 63