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Most foods that are high in calcium are poor sources of iron. This statement illustrates the reasons for the two characteristics of a nutritious diet known as?
Adequacy and balance
You purchase a food product which is enriched./ This means that:
The product could be either nutritious or not nutritious
Your friend has a monotonous diet and eats the same foods every day. You try to convince your friend to eat a variety of foods because?
Your friend could be missing out on some less well known nutrients and nonnutrients food components, a monotonous diet may deliver large amounts of unwanted toxins or contaminants, and a monotonous diet may lead to decreased appetite and possible weight loss.
In nutrition, the word essential mean?
A necessary nutrient that must be consumed from the diet
Food scientists measure food energy in:
The most energy-rich of the nutrients is
All of the following are true regarding the human genome EXCEPT:
About 98% of the genome is actually genetic material
Which of the following foods is the most nutrient dense, in other words which food offers the most nutrients per calorie?
Raw carrot sticks
In the USDA Food Guide, all of the following serving sizes are correctly matched with their food group item EXCEPT?
1 cup of tomato juice = 1 vegetable serving
For our population, which of the following groups is de-emphasized in the USDA Food Guide?
Which of the following nutrients yields energy, but also provides materials that form structures and working parts of body tissues?
A major guideline for healthy people is to limit calorie intakes and obtain more and varied selections of?
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Whole grain breads, cereals and pastas
Nonfat or low-fat milk and/or milk products
The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are intended for adults and healthy children ages ____ and older.
The source of valid nutrition information is
Scientific journals
The credential R.D. displayed by a dietitian’s name indicates registration with
The American Dietetic Association
If a person was trying to lose weight, the best way(s) for a person to get all the essential nutrients and keep energy intake low is to?
Use the principle of the discretionary calorie allowance to plan their diet

Choose foods with high nutrient density in each food group
If a nutrient does not have a Tolerable Upper Intake Level, this means that:
Insufficient data exist to establish a value
Which of the following establishes population-wide recommendations used by nutrition policy makers:
Estimated Average Requirements
All of the following are characteristics of exchange systems except:
They sort foods by their carbohydrate contents only
In exchange lists, cheese is included as a member of the ___ list
You are speaking to a group of consumers about ways to use food labels to choose healthy foods in the grocery store. During your presentation, you would emphasize the following?
Using the nutrient grams and calories on the labels to calculate percentages

Comparing similar food products on nutrient components

Understanding the descriptive terms used on food labels
Any food providing 10% or more of the Daily Value for a nutrient is considered to be a _____source of the nutrient.
Balance studies are used to
Measure the body’s intake and excretion of a nutrient

Determine the amount of a nutrient needed to prevent a deficiency

Establish nutrient intake recommendations for most healthy people
Which of the following suggestions would help a person increase their phytochemical intake safely?
Eat 2 or more servings of fruit daily

Eat a variety of plain cooked or raw vegetables daily

Add herbs and spices to foods

Use more whole grains, fruits and vegetables
Among the cell’s most basic needs are ___ and oxygen
Which of the following types of cells do not reproduce, and if damaged by injury or disease, are lost forever?
Brain cells
You have just consumed a meal very high in fat. As a result, hormonal messages will tell an organ to send ___ in amounts matched to the amount of fat present
The stomach’s main function is the digestion of?
Which of the following advice should you give a friend suffering from constipation?
Consume foods with adequate fiber daily

Exercise daily

Drink adequate amounts of water daily
Considering the normal storage of nutrients by the body, which of the following should be consumed at intervals throughout the day to ensure body needs are being met?
Carbohydrate-containing foods
A person crash-landed on a desert island in an emergency situation and was unable to find much food for several weeks before being rescued. Which of the following would have provided the energy that would help this person to survive?
Hormones are often secreted and released into the blood by
Which of the following alert your conscious mind to the sensation of hunger?
Which of the following are characteristics of alcohol?
It contributes energy

It interferes with repair of body tissues
A person can become intoxicated almost immediately when drinking, especially if:
The stomach is empty
How many calories are in a food that contains 17 grams of carbohydrate, 14 grams of protein and 30 grams of fat?
394 calories
Jack usually consumes 3181 calories a day. To keep in shape for his physically demanding job, he works out at the local gym four nights a week. He entered his usual diet into the MyPyramid to see how he was doing. Jack noted that his total number of protein grams were 82. What percent of Jack’s calories are from protein?
The daily values reflect the needs of an “average person” consuming between ___ and ___ calories a day.
2,000 and 2,500
Match the following four food items to their corresponding exchange food groups
Roast beef – meat group

Baked potato – starch group

Green beans – vegetable group

Butter – fat group
Adds acid and churns and grinds food into a liquid mixture
Rhythmic muscle contractions used to move substances along
Donates mostly starch-digesting enzymes
Small intestine
Digests all foods to small nutrient particles and absorbs particles
Produces bile
Produces bicarbonate and enzymes
Large intestine
Absorbs mostly water and minerals and eliminates wastes
Carbohydrate has been rightly accused of being the fattening ingredient of foods. Therefore, we need to consume fewer foods containing carbohydrates
The term “brown bread” on a label is a guarantee that the bread has been made with whole grain flour
Based upon what you have learned from this chapter, what recommendations would you provide to someone trying to improve his workout?
Eat a banana and 6 graham crackers and drink a bottled water about 2 hours before his workout
Which of the following would you recommend for a person with lactose intolerance?
Aged cheese

Refrigerated live culture yogurt
Which of the following would be the best calcium source for an adult with a milk allergy
Canned salmon with bones
Which of the following would be appropriate to try if you experience symptoms of postprandial hypoglycemia
Eat regularly timed meals and snacks

Consume balance meals that contain protein
After chewing a piece of bread for awhile, you begin to experience a slightly sweet taste. This taste results from?
The liberation of maltose from the starch in the bread
One of your friends makes the statement that her diet contains no sucrose because she does not consume table sugar. What would be an appropriate response to this statement?
You’re wrong, because table sugar occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables
How would you respond to someone who states that enriched white bread is just as nutritious as whole wheat bread?
You should reconsider because whole wheat bread contains a number of nutrients and non nutrients not added to enriched white bread.

Have you considered that whole wheat bread is higher in fiber content than white bread?
You are trying to convince someone that a low carbohydrate diet is undesirable. Reason you would give to support your statement include?
Fat is not normally used as a fuel by the brain and nervous system

Gram for gram, carbohydrates donate fewer calories than dietary fats

High protein diets are expensive and may require the purchase of special foods.
Plants store glucose as starch because?
Glucose is soluble in water

The glucose would be washed away by rain
A friend complains of blurred vision, cravings for sweets, weakness, and excessive thirst and urination. These symptoms are suggestive of:
The best diet for managing diabetes includes all of the following except?
Is high in simple carbohydrates
Characteristics of Type 1 diabetes include?
The person’s immune system attacks the cells of the pancreas

The pancreas no longer produces insulin
The best way to lose fat, maintain lean body tissues and maintain the health of the body is to:
Control total calories
When the blood glucose level rises after a meal, the first organ to respond is the:
The extent to which a food raises the blood glucose level and elicts an insulin response as compared with pure glucose can be measured and ranked on a scale called the:
Glycemic index
Which of the following is the preferred fuel for most body functions?
Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning glucose use for energy?
Body fat can be converted into glucose to adequately supply energy to the brain.
Digestion of most starch begins in the
Select the correct enzyme and location involved in digestion of milk sugar.
Lactase in the small intestine
The US recommendations suggest that a desirable intake of dietary fiber is ___grams daily
21 - 38 grams
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) people should obtain what percent of their daily energy from carbohydrates?
55 – 75%
Current dietary guidelines for the US recommend?
Increased consumption of fiber-rich, whole food carbohydrate sources
The minimum number of carbohydrate grams per day needed to ensure complete sparing of body protein in an average- size person is?
130 grams
You are teaching a client how to possibly lower blood cholesterol levels by consuming foods high in soluble fiber. Which of the following foods would be least effective for this purpose?
Whole wheat breads
Which of the following should be chosen as an effective stool softening agent to correct a constipation problem?
Whole wheat bran flake cereal
The best known fibers include all of the following EXCEPT?
The best way to achieve a desirable amount of fiber intake is to?
Include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the diet

Emphasize whole, unprocessed foods
All of the following groups are particularly vulnerable to harmful effects of consuming too much fiber EXCEPT?
Adults who are omnivores
All of the following are considered to be health benefits of insoluble fiber EXCEPT?
Lowers risk of diabetes
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a major source of soluble fiber?
Brown rice
Potential harmful effects of TOO MUCH fiber include?

Limited absorption of iron and other materials

Weight loss
All of the following tips can be used successfully to magnify the sweetness of foods EXCEPT?
Remove all sugar from the recipe
Which of the following is the most used monosaccharide inside the body?
Which of the following monosaccharides is responsible for the sweet taste of fruit?
The disaccharides include?


When fructose and glucose are bonded together they form?
Table sugar
Which of the following is NOT one of the complex carbohydrates?
Complex carbohydrates:
Are long chains of sugar units arranged to form starch or fiber
Which of the following terms would you look for on a bread label to choose the most nutritious product?
Whole grain
Which of the following nutrients in NOT required by law to be added to refined grain products?
Which of the following animal-derived foods contains significant amounts of carbohydrates?
Fruits differ from concentrated sweets because:
Their sugar are diluted in large volumes of water

They are packaged with fiber
Foods which contain ‘hidden fats’ include?


Which of the following food groups in the USDA Food Guide would not routinely contain fat?
Fruits and fruit juices
Which of the following is NOT a function of fat in the human body?
Dissolves the water-soluble nutrients
An atherogenic diet is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT?
It is low in trans fat
Triglycerides consists of
Three fatty acids and a glycerol
Fatty acids may differ from one another:
In chain length

In degree of saturation
Essential fatty acid deficiencies can include all of the following signs or symptoms EXCEPT?
Increase in eicosanoids productions
Characteristics of the essential fatty acids include:
They must be supplied by the diet

They are polyunsaturated fatty acids
All of the following are characteristic of margarines made from hydrogenated oils EXCEPT?
The hydrogenated oils go rancid or bad more quickly
The most heart healthy margarines are those?
Which list liquid oil or water as the first ingredient
Which of the following statements concerning lecithin, common phospholipids, is NOT true?
It has been shown to improve heart health if taken regularly
WHO recommendations concerning intakes of dietary fats include all of the following EXCEPT?
Keep dietary cholesterol intake at 200 mg or less
Recent recommendations suggest that we consume monounsaturated fats in the place of saturated fat. Which of the following items would best help us achieve this goal?
Canola oil

Olive oil
Characteristics of the artificial fat olestra include all of the following EXCEPT?
It causes long term damage to the spleen
Successful triglyceride digestion results in the production of all of the following end products which are absorbed EXCEPT?
Emulsified fat
Which of the following statements best describes individuals who have had their gallbladder removed?
They should reduce their fat intake
The fat digesting enzyme produced by the pancreas is called?
The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid classifies legumes as
In a separate category
A ___bond is formed between the amine group end of one amino acid and the acid group end of the next amino acid in a protein
Which of the following accounts for the difference between different amino acids?
The side chain
A conditionally essential amino acid is all of the following EXCEPT?
Is normally an essential amino acid that must be supplied by the diet because the body cannot make it all
Each of the millions of the body’s red blood cells lives for only three or four months and must be replaced, which requires protein. This is an example of how protein is used for?
Supporting growth and maintenance
The stomach lining is protected from the very strong acid of the stomach by?
A coat of mucus
Which of the following cooking methods would you use to increase the digestibility of protein?
All of the following cause denaturation of proteins except?
Amino acids are wasted (not used to build protein or nitrogen-containing compounds) for all of the following reasons EXCEPT?
Ingested protein quantity is within the DRI for the person
When amino acids are degraded (or taken apart) for energy, their amine groups are stripped off and used elsewhere or incorporated by the liver into?
All of the following statements are true regarding PDCAAS information EXCEPT?
It determines how well the protein supports weight gain
Which of the following statements are true?
Athletes need slightly more protein than other healthy adults
In making recommendations for protein intake, the committee on DRI took into consideration that the protein in a normal diet would be?
A combination of animal and plant sources
Nitrogen equilibrium can occur in
A healthy adult male
Negative nitrogen balance can occur in?
A surgery patient
Which of the following is not a characteristic of children with kwashiorkor
Their bodies look very thin like skin and bones
All of the following statements are true about the protein calorie deficiency know as marasmus EXCEPT?
The abdomen swells while the stomach shrinks within
Which of the following is not associated with an excessive intake of protein, particularly animal protein?
Enlarged livers in humans
Compared to meat eaters, many vegetarians tend to have?
Lower death rates from heart disease

Healthier body weights

Lower blood pressure

Lower rates of colon cancers
Poorly planned vegetarian diets typically lack all of the following EXCEPT?
To ensure adequate intakes of vitamins and minerals, it is recommended that vegan need to practice all of the following EXCEPT?
Use complete meal supplements
Match the following adults chemical digestion activities or substances with the correct nutrient involved – either fat or protein
Fat – requires the use of bile
Protein – requires the use of hydrochloric acid
Protein – mostly occurs in the stomach and small intestine
Fat – mostly occurs in the small intestine
Protein – uses pepsin
Match the following lipoproteins with their site of origin
Chylomicron – small intestinal tract cells

High density lipoproteins – liver cells

Low density lipoproteins – liver cells
Joe usually consumes about 3627 calories to maintain his weight and activity level. He has been swimming two or three mornings out of each week to improve his physical condition. He has been working on his diet and has estimated that his protein intake is averaging about 167 grams of protein. What percent of calories is Joe’s protein intake?
Calculate the protein DRI for a 22-yr old woman who stands 5’5 tall, weighs 134 pounds and is moderately active.
48.7 grams