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Only 15% of adults participate in ___minutes physical activity five or more times a week. p292
The sense of fitness exercise helps one to feel good, _________,emotionally and_________. p292
physically, psychologically
Health benefits
Exercise reduces risks for ____________ in several ways. Including:___________,_______________,___________. p292
-improved heart function
-blood cholesterol
-oxygen transport
3 things
THe heart is a _____________ organ of muscle that is about the size of a ______ in adults. p292
four-chambered organ
Heart muscle function
Exercise raises blood levels of high-density _________(HDL) known as the good cholesterol because: (p292)
-it carries surplus cholesterol from the tissues to the liver for breakdown and removal from the body.
Blood cholesterol levels
Exercise lowers blood levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) referred to as bad cholesterol. How? (p293)
LDL carries at least two thirds of the total blood cholesterol to body tissues, rasing the cholesterol deposits in major arteries of the heart.
Exercise also enhances the ____________system by:
-increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
oxygen-carrying capacity
the risk for cardiovascular complications increases with: p293
increasing levels of blood pressure.
exercise helps control what type diabetes? p293
type 2 non-insulin.
-it improves the action of a persons production of insulin by increasing the # of receptor sites
Exercise is beneficial to weight management in three ways, what are they? p294
-regulates app
-increases basal metablic rate
-reduces the genetic fat deposit.
-also helps reduce stres related eating.
weight management
name some weight bearing exercises that help strengthen bones. p294
walking and running.
how does weight bearing exercise help? p294
increases calcium deposits in bone, this then helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Endorphins p294
brain opiates-made during exercise. These chemicals decrease pain and improves mood.
what kind of training creates and helps maintain muscle strength? p294

when starting a resistance program you should include a set of ___ to___ reps for 8 to 10 exercises.
resistance training

exercise benifits almost all chronic health probs. true or false P297
during any type of exercise what is needed? p296
fuel to burn for energy.
they are basic nurtients: cho, fat.
The aerobic capacity depends on two basic factors, what are they? p296
-fitness of the lungs, heart, and blood vessels
-body comp
water is an essential fluid..true or false?
physical fitness may be defined in terms of aerobic capacity, which is: p296
the bodys ability to deliver and use oxygen as needed by the body during exercise. this is measured in terms of VO2 max
body tissues that use more oxygen make up the _____ _____ _____ which is mainly what? p296
lean body mass
muscle mass.
a persons aerobic capacity depends on the % of body fat and what? p296
lean body mass.
with continued exercise the body temperature rises becasue: p296
of the release of heat
Excessive sweating can lead to p296
what two fuels are used to maintain energy reserves? p296
CHo and fat
hypoglycemia p299
low blood sugar level that can lead to muscle tremors, cold sweat, headache and confusion.