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A large white blood cell with finely granulated chromatin dispersed throughout the nucleus that is formed in the bone marrow, enters the blood, and migrates into the connective tissue where it differentiates into a macrophage.
Commonly determines serum sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide combing power, chloride, bld urea nitrogen adn glucose tolerance.
SMA stands for
Sequential Multiple Analyzer.
Blood test commonly used as a screening device on hospital admission.
SMA 6& 12.
Give 14 examples of what is looked for in a BMP.
Na,K,Cl,BUN, Bilirubin,Bicarbonate,Cholesterol,Ca,Phosphorus,Creatinine, Serum amylase, Alkaline Phosphatase, Albumin, CO2, Serum lipase,Serum amylase, Uric acid
BMP stands for:
Basic Metabolic Profile.
What is an indication of serious heart disease in and EKG?
Repeated tracings.
Main function is to protect body from infection.
White Blood Cells. Also known as Leukocytes.
Main function of RED BLOOD CELLS.
Transport oxygen.
Erythrocytes are known as:
Red Blood Cells.
A usually protein or carbohydrate substance(as a toxin or enzyme capable of stimulating an immune system
More than 10,000 WBC's is known as:
Normal number of platelets.
Normal RBC count for men.
Women- 4,800,000
These are needed for the formation of clots.
Purpose of this is to study potassium, calcium , sodium, uric acid content in kidneys.
24 hour urine collection.
Which positions are used for EKG?
Supine or sitting.
This count helps to identify specific infections.
Differential WBC count.
Clean and Sterile container is needed for a clean catch specimen. True or false
Two types of cells identified in WBC count.
Mononuclear cells.
Thiss is the body's second line of defense against infection. They arrive at infections sites after the neutrophils and in smaller numbers. Differential-2-6%
These are involved with ACUTE infection.
These constituients of urine are considered abnormal.
protein, glucose, ketone bodies, bacteria, WBC's, bacteria, crystals, RBC's,
An abnormal or unusual increase in the elements composing a part(as cells composing a tissue)
Recorded while a person is walking on a treadmill, pedaling a stationary bike or climbing stairs. Used with Coronary Artery Disease. Teach not to drink, smoke, alcohol beverages, or caffiene at least 4 hours before test.
Stress Test.
Abnormal elevation of body temperature.
This provides evidence of arrythmias that are transient.
Evaluates antiarrhythmic drugs.
Evaluates pacemaker function.
Client wears miniaturized tape recording. Records for up to 24 hours. Client keeps diary of symptms and activities.
Ambulatory monitoring.
Any of various oxygenated unsaturated cyclic fatty acids of animals that perform a variety of hormonelike actions(as in controlling blood pressure or smooth muscle contraction.
An instrument for determining usually by centrifugation the relative amounts of plasma and corpuscles in blood.
The ratio of the volume of packed red blood cells to the volume of whole blood as determined.
A localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue.
Computerized Axial Termography
Differential- 20-30%
Main function is to produce antibodies that attack invading microorganisms. INcreas in # of lymphocytes occurs in certain acute viral infections. Ie mono, pertussis, chickenpox, mumps and measles.
Also increase in certain chronic infections. Reduced in HIV infection.
These tests are a vital part of ruling out or confirming. They look for deviations from normal.
Differential 60-70% More than half of the white cells in the circulating blood. Elevated within a few hours of infection. Decreased in viral infections & in the elderly with severe bacterial infections. Function- engulfes and ingest bacteria by phagocytosis. Body's 1st line of defense.Involved mainly with condtions of acute bacterial infection, intoxication, hemorrhage, and malignant neoplastic disease.
Differential 3%-
Immature neutrophils.
Levels less than 8% seen with acute infections.
Help identify chest disease. Determine size, contour and position of heart.
Chest X-Ray
Increase in #will allergy and some infections. Decrease when steroid meds are given. These pour into the blood when there is an allergic reaction and they collect at the site of tissue inflammation. Most common causes of eosinophilia are allergic disorders & parasitic infections.
Differential 0-0.5%-
Contain large amounts of histamine. Exact function unknown. Thought to help body resist systemic allergic reactions. They secrete heparin and proliferate during inflammation. No change seen with infections.
Eosonophils,Basophils, and Neutrophils are part of which type of WBC?
These WBC's predominate in Chronic infection.
Lymphocytes and Monocytes are part of which White blood cell?
Mononuclear cells.
In chest x-ray's, which films of chest are needed to show fluid levels?
What can be done if client needs xray and he is seriously ill?
A portable xRay machine.
These are produced in the bone marrow and stored there until the body needs them.
Granulocytes/PMN's(Polymorphonuclear cells.)
Less than 5000 WBC's is an indication of what?
Why is a client asked to take a deep breath and to hold it momentarily while the film is taken?
To provide a clear view of pulmonary structures.
Normal number of WBC's
This is commonly done on all new admissions to the hospital. Source of blood-dingerstick or venipuncture. No food or fluid restrictions. Involves number of various blood cells per cubic mm.of venous blood.
CBC-Complete Blood Count.
Analysis of 12 separate laboratory blood tests.
SMA 12.
This evaluates and record's the heart's function.
This is used for wound drainage, and identify organisms that cause infection. Cannot let client gargle before because it can kill organism. Must also do before antibiotic get's started.
Culture and Sensitivities.
This test is done early in the morning, and used for cytology studies, gram stains,and acid fast bacilli.
Need client to rinse mouth with water, and use a steril container. Need to be given before antibiotics.
Sputum Studies.
PH of urine should be:
Normal Specific gravity range.
This reveals the ability of the kidneys to concentrate or dilute urine according to the needs of the body.
Specific gravity.
Which factors can produce changes in the EKG similar to those seen in disease?
Digitalis and antiarrhythmic drugs and anxiey.
When doing 24 hour urine specimen, it is necessary to use ______void of the day. Also needs to be saved on ______.
50-100ml are best for a urinalysis. True or False.
There is a restriction of food or fluids prior to the chest x-ray.
True or false.
Views for Chest X-Ray. Posterior, Anterior, Lateral
Which view is used for a normal chest X-ray.
Done to identify disease. Kidneys/Diabetes 1st clue.
What is the most important use of resting EKG?
To identify abnormal cardiac rhythms.
THere are usually how many leads on EKG's?
A granulocyte that is the chief phagocytic white blood cell of the blood.
Being or caused by a usually harmless microorgaism that can become pathogenic when the host's resistance is impaired.