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If the outcome of the study is a funcion of the program being tested this is?
internal validity
If the results of the study obtained would apply in the real world to other programs, this is?
external validity
The consistency w/which a measure can be counted on to give the same results?
The degree to which a data collection tool collects data that measures what it is suppose to measure?
____is the extent to which the items of an instrument really sample the items which conclusion are to be drawn.
content validity
____is the extent to which an instrument correlates with some direct criterion measure.
criterion-related validity
____is the extent to which an instrument performs in the way the construct or theory indicated it will.
construct validity
Quantitative designs are associated with validity and reliability & qualitative with_____?
Concurrent validity is also known as ______ and is a predictor of a future event.
___refers to the degree to which an instrument appears to measure the characteristic it claims to measure.
face validity