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Station 30
1520 W. Orange Grove RD

EN30, PT30, RT30, TN30
Station 31
4701 N. La Cholla Blvd

BC31, LD31, EN31, RT31,PT31,UT31
Station 32
4151 W. El Camino Del Cerro

Station 33
3701 W. Quasar St

EN33, HZ33, RT33, PT33, BR33
Station 34
8165 N. Wade Rd

EN34, RT34
Station 35
3220 N. Camino de Oeste Road

EN35, TN35, RH35
Station 36
13475 N. Marana Main RD

EN36, TN36, BR36, HV36
Station 37
13001 N. Tortolita

EN37, BR37
Administration & Prevention
5225 W. Massingale Road
2811 W. Curtis Road
Training Center
8165 N. Wade Road