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How many families housed in a multiple family residence?
What is chlorine classified as?
Choking agent
How far around a secondary device should we evacuate?
300 ft
What is the minimum team size allowed by OSHA in standpipe buiding?
What is the first thing done upon arrival at a high rise fire?
Determine exact fire floor
How long after the onset of symptoms due to tear gas do the symptoms usually clear up?
15-20 mins.
What would indicate a bomb rather than an explosion?
Debris in trees
Bar joist come in lengths up to how long?
Name 5 types of roof designs
hip, gable, mansard, shed, butterfly,
How far from the lock do you place the fork end of the halligan in inward swinging door? outward swinging?
Approx 6 inches from lock
How far apart are roof beams in old style roof construction
16 inches
New and old types of gas pressure regulators
Old "dead weight" regulators used a column of mercury to maintain pressure on the diapragm.
New uses a spring to maintain pressure on the diaphragm
How far can 1 psi move a column of water?
2.3 feet
What size sections should be cut once the long cuts have been made?
4 feet
What can be done to get hose upstairs when an elevator has been added in the center of a staircase
haul hose up the outside of the structure
What is the maximum width to move your hands when using the emerg. body wrap descent?
Shoulder width
What is the self supporting osb / styrofoam roof material called?
Which type of gas emergency holds the least potential for explosion?
using the handcuff knot to remove a firefighter vertically, what do you attach the SCBA to if reduced profile is needed
The victims bunker coat
Vapor density of natural gas?
How many approaches in tunneling if manpower is suffecient?
2 or more
how many lbs per cubic foot does a concrete floor weigh?
How do you determine hose length?
Building height, area and setback from the street.
whats a FAR?
Feedback assisted rescue
Whose resposibility is it to locate the fire in a large building?
Ladder company
What is the most important action to reduce the spread of contamination after a dirty bomb has been detonated?
Put the fire out
Can you operate fog and smooth nozzles that are fed from the same water theif?
No pressure differences will try to equal out
Define reflex time?
total time elapsed from alarm to placing an effective stream on the fire.
What is the minimum building height to require the use of elevators?
20 stories
What is a good rule of thumb for search team size for a medium sized office?
2 man team