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ʻO wai kēia?
Who is this?
ʻO wau kēnā.
That's me.
ʻO wai kēlā kaikamahine?
Who is that girl?
ʻO kona ʻanakala ke kāpena.
His/Her uncle is the captain.
He aha kēlā?
What is that?
He hoe kēlā.
That is a paddle.
He ua kēia.
This is rain.
ʻO Ua kēia.
This is Mr./Mrs./Ms. Ua.
He mākaʻi ʻo Makuakāne.
Mr./Mrs./Ms. Makuakāne is a policeofficer.
He aha ka inoa o kēlā pua?
What is the name of that flower?
ʻO wai ka inoa o kēlā kaikamahine?
What (who) is the name of that girl?
ʻAʻole maopopo iaʻu.
I don't know. (It is not clear to me.)
i kekahi manawa
sometime, sometimes
He mea nani kēlā kekahi.
That is a pretty thing also.